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Positive pregnancy test result whilst waiting for lap to remove sever Endo. Is it false? Will visit doc today 🤗


Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted...have been going through a lot. To cut a long story short in waiting on 2nd surgery to remove Endo with cysts on both ovaries, retroverted uturus, one tube is blocked and the Endo has stuck my bowel to my cervix.

However still been trying to conceive. Dr said probably not likely but you never know. I usually have my period quite regular, between 28 and 34 days. The last 3 or 4 months all 27/28 days.

I am now on day 39. Having very sore boobs, tired and poor appetite. Although have also been under a lot of stress.

I have done two pregnancy tests yesterday and this morning. Bothe coming up very immediately positive with a very dark line. No waiting time just straight away showing positive line before control line comes up after it. This means very high HCG right? If I am pregnant I'd be 5 weeks and 4 days since my last period.

Can't let myself get excited! Could it be to do with Endo and cysts and hormones that it's showing false positive?

Also my doctor said we need to be aware of Ectopics.

I only visited my GP yesterday ( guess I will be going back today if I can get them to give me an appointment so soon, hopefully if i explain situation) after my last consultant appt at hospital 3 wks ago. He was saying it's very unlikely at the moment that an embryo would implant because of everything going on until after op which they say could be 6 to 10 months away.

Does anybody have any info or similar experience with the test result actually being real on this case?? Or false??

Trying to keep calm but don't think I can bare a false negative.

Thanks for any replies....

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I would get it checked but a positive is a positive! ❤️ Fingers crossed for you!!!

Hey different situation as I found out nearly 6 years ago so a long time before I had endo diagnosed. Also I only have stage 1 so not sure if it would affect fertility that long ago. But after 1.5 years of trying I had the signs of pregnancy. I did a test and it was positive. Turns out I was only 5 weeks pregnant but the test did show immediately that I was pregnant. (I thought maybe 12 weeks as I hadnt had a period in months). As far as I am aware it is rare to get a false positive test but would maybe be worth an appointment with your doctor just to put your mind at rest. Best of luck!

Thanks so much. Can't get appointment today despite telling them it's rather urgent and could be ectopic. Have to go and e

Congratulations! It's so unlikely to get a false positive. I too got pregnant while waiting for surgery to have tubes unblocked and endo removed. Miracles do happen - am currently 12 weeks pregnant and all is going well so far.

I've found my endo pains have eased, although I had some pains in the first 5 weeks from endo but have since nothing but pregnancy growing pains.

Definitely call your doctor straightaway and get a midwife appointment - we had a scan at 5.5 weeks to check that it wasn't eptopic as this was a risk due to blocked tubes. Either you can get an appointment from your local EPU (early pregnancy unit) or the midwife will refer you.

Oh, I also have cysts on both sides of my tubes - and so that doesn't affect a pregnancy test. Although they have been keeping an eye on my cysts as they are still there. They'll come up on any scan you have.

Good luck!

Wow that's amazing. Congrats! Well can't get appt with doctor so about to go to A and E. Don't think any other option? Don't feel like waiting and if it happened to be ectopic it's not safe to wait is it? X

Definitely that was my concern as with blocked tubes can happen. They probably won't be able to do anything at A&E as you need to wait till you're about 5-6 weeks (so you're probably only 3-4 weeks right now) to be able to see the sac and yolk is in the right place. Just book an appointment with midwife at your doctors and mention about needing an early appointment. I got a same day hospital appointment from midwife. They couldn't see it until a internal scan because it was so small. Eptopic pregnancies don't really cause issues until about 8 weeks, so you have time to get checked. I really hope for you that you get a straightforward pregnancy though.

Yes its almost 4 weeks since conception and almost 6 weeks now since the beginning of my last period?? When you say 3/4 is it worked out from beginning of last period or conception date? Never been sure and 1st pregnancy. Do you still think doctor? The receptionist advised going to hospital since no urgent appointments saying if risk of ectopic to go straight for scan with them. Obviously she doesn't know how many weeks etc

Ah, if it's more like 6 weeks, they take the advice of doctors. Yes, it's from the date of your last period. Good luck!

Thanks for your help this morning. Have an appointment now for doctor at 3.30. Be nice to have a little miracle like you xxx

Hey, I went for a blood test and have to wait for scan tomorrow morning. It's going to be a long night. Felt sick with nerves all day. Did you have nerves about Ectopic when you realised you were pregnant? Just seems with me they've mentioned Ectopic being a big risk so many times before I found out I was pregnant. How long did you wait from that moment to finding out everything was Ok?

Glad you've been checked and it's all getting looked at. Yep, was my first thought as was mentioned a lot to me. I waited 2 weeks before having scan because I was just 4 weeks when found out, was so worrying. But as soon as the nurse scanned me and said she saw a sac, it was such a relief. Once you've had the scan it will be clearer. Let me know how you get on. It sort of takes the excitement out of it a lot doesn't it? I'm so nervous because have chromosome tests tomorrow, so the worry continues through pregnancy!

Yes I was just thinking that. That for us especially with Endometriosis the worry will continue if they say no ectopic and everything fine. I'm contemplating going to A and E tonight because have had a few twinges on left side. Doc gave me referral papers to take with me when I call them in the morning. Just don't like leaving it overnight even since I've heard what can happen and with being 6 wks now xx

Congratulations, your deffo pregnant. Endo wouldn’t affect the results xx

lisalovescake in reply to AJJ123

Just waiting to rule out Ectopic first. Xx

AJJ123 in reply to lisalovescake

Ok, well good luck with it all. Positive vibes xx

as for as I know nothing would cause a false positive. have you taken more than one? pregnancy may help pain? :p

lisalovescake in reply to amy100

Yes I took two. Am having assessment this morningat hospital to check for ectopic pregnancy as Endo puts us at a very high risk especially since one of my tubes is already blocked. Thanks for your reply. Hopefully all ok but no sleep most of the night. Should help with pain if they tell me everything is ok but I have Endo sticking my bowel to vaginal wall. Would be concerned about that during pregnancy but we will see x

Zala88 in reply to lisalovescake

I am interested how did they find this out? I am having terrible periods at the moment and have to take time off sick again from work. It’s really getting me down. I feel none of my colleagues understand what I am going through which makes it harder. I am experiencing a lot of bowel trouble on my periods too

lisalovescake in reply to Zala88

How did they find out which part? Xx

You are absolutely pregnant but make sure it is not ectopic as you have blocked tube/s

Did endometriosis cause bladder and bowel issues ?

What was your symptoms?

So everything was fine and I have a healthy pregnancy so far. Still in shock and so tired from. All the adrenalin.

Yes Endo is very deep for me stage 4 and sticking my bowel to vagina/cervix. I don't get too much pain at the moment but discomfort sometimes and twinges. I get constipation and some diarrhoea and bloating.

Congratulations ❤️ 🎉🎊🎈😍

How long between your last surgery and your pregnancy ?

You said to remove cysts are they endometrioma on both ovaries or one of them ?

Glad you didn’t need to remove them because removeing them affects badly in the ovarian reserve

Yes it's really happened at exactly the right time and for all the right reasons. Such a gift. Thank you.

I had my laparoscopy in April this year but they didn't do anything just diagnosed cyst almost 12cm on the left ovary and on the right 4 cm.

The next op was meant to be within about 6 months to remove all Endo and cysts and yes danger of effecting ovarian reserve and of having to remove at least left ovary but doc did say he shouldn't have to. Just never know until they try. Xx

You have lap for diagnosed only so they didn’t remove the cysts ?I didn’t read anyone had this have lap without treatment it surprised me

What about adhesions i think they fixed the adhesions but mabye your doctor didn’t say for you

It is really worried having lap without doing anything!

Hi I would say it’s looking highly likely that you are pregnant. If so congratulations. Get blood test to confirm. If you have had two positive tests I would say it is confirmed

So I am properly pregnant 🤗. So so shocked and really can't believe I have this miracle baby. Only 6 weeks pregnant and have to go for another scan in two weeks just to makesure all ok still xxx

Thanks everyone for the support. I've literally gone from discussing all of this only two days ago with GP....Endo stage 4, blocked tube trying to conceive for 2.5yrs, waiting for op to remove all Endo plus big cysts and operate on bowel area to remove as much of that as possible....whilst waiting to do IVF after op...to miraculously being pregnant now and being told it might be such a help for my Endo xx

What a lovely surprise!! I'm so happy for you!

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