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anyone with similar/ any answers?!


Hi, Ive battled with Endo/ severe dysmennohrea since I was 9! I'm now 23 and nothing has been a long term improvement. I had a lap in 2012 and they found some medium sized endo. Since 2015 though the pain and amount of blood loss has been severe. I've had to call for paramedics a few times which seems so silly. i've tried various pills, the injection, the patcgh, the implant, the mirena and none of them have provided me with any form of comofrt for anything longer than 3 months. My consultant has no put me on 4 weekly Zoladex injections, however I've now had my third injection and I'm still getting painful, extreme blood loss periods (sorry I know!). Has anyone suffered the same with Zoladex? Anyone I've spoken too has said theyve maybe had one period, or one and some breakthrough bleeing, but I'm just wondering is this normal?

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