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Daughter admitted to nhs gyne ward four weeks after private surgery

At wits end, bedn on phone and crying all day.

Daugher had lap 26 may and found a little endo, she has other chronic health issues.

Bedbound at home since, slight temp, only weeing once a day and not opening bowls, severe pain.

Back and forth to gp, private surgeon did not want to know.

Our gp had her admiited to nhs ward on Monday.

Private surgeon refused to come see her, but after continuing calls from me to her secretary she turns up today, saying she was not mentvto be there.

Started losing blood, on morphine, can hardly walk, cant eat and drink due to pain.

Says its chronic pelvis pain, as scans are clear. Bleed is due to a missed contraceptive pill......rubbish.

Constapation due to meds and then bowel causing bladder to not empty, kind of get that.

Refering her to chronic pelvic pain specialist who is coming to ward to see her tomorrow, as they want to discharge her 😡😡😡. but the wait to see this nhs specalist is six months with chronic pain, so think tomorrow will be a one off.

Just feel head banging and no one listening.

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Thinking of you. X

Good luck for tomorrow. Perhaps with such an acute case your wait may be shorter.

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She might have a post op infection? And she sounds constipated which causes awful pain.

Are they testing for infection? Post op complications happen- they should take this seriously- can you escalate to the complaints service/ceo of hospital?

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What appalling care from the private gynaecologist. Is this woman an endometriosis specialist?? If not she needs to be seen at a BSGE centre. Meanwhile has your daughter had a ct scan of her pelvis? So sorry she is in so much pain x

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Hello my lovely! I'm very young myself and have been in and out of hospital since January with this all. However I still think they have wrongly diagnosed me with IBS last year. I've had terrible constipation to the point i was going maybe one a week, and also got a lot of tearing. I tried bloody everything but they tried me on bysodical (think that's how you spell it). It's the best thing I've tried! You get a bellyache the first morning after taking it but in my experience I've been on it for a while now it's been really helpful. I know it's only one aspect of her pain, but it may help a little. Good luck! X

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Hi hun, bysodical put her in agony sadly.

Sorry only just chatting up with everyone's kind posts.

She is still in nhs hospital but thankfully in her own room.

Private surgeon who refused to come and see her, and yes she is one of the best endo specalists and people from miles around to see her, funny enough turned up at her bedside once i told her secretary that our insurers are actioning a breach of care....

She also turned up yesterday when my daughter had already told her to very unpolitally go away.....lol i will not write the words but you get the drift.....

She was basically horrible and of no help, just saying its pelvic pain and she doesnt need to be transfered back to the private hopsital and does not need suegery. Interesting a few doctors have said that, but we have never said we thought she did?...off.

Th is a 20 yr old who can not eat or drink (oh been accused of having an eating disorder by one doc), as it kills her stomach, can hardly poo, weeing once a day with blood on occasions and collapsing nearly when walks any further then her onsuite, all these symthoms appeared after surgery......

Anyway lots of things have happened this week, mainly useless docs and one nurse leaving her alone when she had breathing problems due to Morphine....stating if you cant take this other meds i am leaving as i have other patients 😡😡😡. My daughter then called me, this was 3am. I called the ward instantially and got the same horrible nurse, i ended up telling her to do her job and shouting for her to get back in my daughters room. She was then put on oxygen.....we are dealing with idiots who dont have a brain cell between them.

We have finally got a different private gyne consultant who is the lead at the endo centre here to come and see her with a view of getting her transfered back to the private hospital she had her survery done.

He quickly came to see her a hr ago but has emergency surgery to do so coming back later. So she will either be transfered to private hospital under his care and we will make sure the orginal surgeon who works there also has nothing to do with her care, or she will come home.

Only good thing come of of nhs stay is they have managed to get an emergency appointment with pelvic pain clinic first thing wed or thursday (cant quite rememeber) morning, usually six months min pain needed before referal.

So waiting for new guy to finish surgery and see where we go.

Take care all xxx


Bless her, it sounds so horrible! Hopefully someone will do something. Hospitals are bloody shit at the moment. I got discharged the other day without anyone coming to tell me what's wrong! The constant hints of nothing being wrong is ridiculous! Good luck! X


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