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Zoladex injections

Hi everyone

Been for an appointment yesterday with gynae who have suggested at this point my only option is zoladex injections as the laparoscopy has not done much for the pain or bleeding.

I'm 25 & worried. Has anyone else had these and what was your experience?

I'm told it's not permanent. Has anyone had these and conceived fine afterwards?

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Hi I was on Zolodex for 7 months before my open surgery to reduce bleeding from endo sites and reduce the size of my fibroids. It can't be taken for long periods as it does affect your bone density and could lead to osteoporosis so usually it is taken for 6months-ish. If you are having zolodex whilst trying to conceive I would try to find out a bit more before taking it because zolodex brings on menopause symptoms. I know people who on forums who have taken zolodex whilst going through IVF to reduce their bleeds before implantation.

I am sure there are people who have taken Zolodex and gone on to conceive. I think everything depends on how your endo is behaving and if you have other gynae issues. I found zolodex helpful before the operation because it suppressed everything but it must be said that once you stop the injections endo and in my case everything else just came back. It's certainly not an answer but taking it before an operation or perhaps just before implantation under guidance it can be useful. If you are worried about conceiving after taking Zolodex you must speak get a second opinion. You are 25 which is so young so make sure you see the right people. I wish at 25 I had got better advise. Good luck x


Thank you for replying! X

Although I'm not trying to conceive at the moment I hope in future it is something I will go on to do.

Did you have side effects? Like menopause symptoms?

As far as I am aware there are no immediate plans for surgery as my last surgery was in April. Which appears to have brought on intense bleeding. I am just so confused as to what I should do. I feel like the pain is so bad that I would try anything.




I had hot flushes and felt quite awake so wasn't sleeping much. The Zolodex didn't make me tired. It really just gave me a break from all the bleeding and gynae pains but it's not a solution as the pain and bleeding comes back once you stop the injections.

What surgery did you have? Do you know exactly what you have?




Sorry for the delayed reply. I had a laparoscopy done in April.

I know this sounds ridiculous but I'm not too sure... they confirmed I had 'severe' endo but I'm confused as everyone else seems to have stages? My Fallopian tubes were blocked with tissue as well so they removed that. I also had abnormal cells (showed up on a smear test) removed off my cervix as well as scarring on them. I also had endo on my bowels and a few other places which they removed. With all respect my gynae isn't very easy to understand (as English isn't his first language) and I struggle to process what he's saying so everything goes off the letters he sends to me and my doctor. Although I do ask him to repeat himself and explain I always feels like he's in a rush & getting annoyed at me.

I'm just at a loss really



I'm 26 and started mine this year. I'm on month 5 and it's changed my life around. No pain, no hormones raging in my body that make me unbearable to be around. I do get the odd cramp but manageable with ibuprofen like normal people would treat a cramp! I am a totally different person on it so my dr has said I can continue on it for as long as I want.

As for symptoms I am lucky and haven't had many. I get the odd hot flush maybe once a month max... but it's also been "summer" and they have only been on hot days so I'm linking it to that.

Honestly, I'd give it a good shot at least. Took me 2 months to get settled with it to fully working and I have had one bad month due to placing (not having trained nurses so even had a period...) but apart from that it's the best :)

Also as you are young like me ask for hrt to start with. My dr said we need it more for our bodies and I've heard some ladies don't get it straight away.


Thanks you for replying it means a lot to know people of a similar age are going through the same thing!

I was so against it in the beginning but not I'm at the point I feel like I have no other option as I have quite a demanding job & it's beginning to effect my work.

Is the HRT something I would discuss with my GP or gynae? This is all so new to me! And my mum is a great help & had these injections in her early 30's as she had a hysterectomy at 32 but obviously as her outcome was very different and pre determined it's hard for her to explain.

I know this is a bit of a personal question and do feel free to ignore it but do you have children? Or planning in the future? That's my main concern with all of this.



I'm 22 and I just finished a 6 month course of zoladex and it was great! I was terrified to start it as I had read horror stories but I had just had surgery and the pain had all came back so the dr said there was no option. I did have a LOT of hot flushes and was incredibly tired but the sides effects that come with it are nothing compared to my monthly pain. It's felt weird getting no pains every month! I completely understand your concern as I want to have kids in the future and was very worried about this reducing my chances but the dr said this will actually help my chances in the future. Hope all goes well!!


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