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Zoladex or not !!

Hey guys, I've been to hospital yesterday and my doc has suggested zoladex , I have endo,fibroid, and cysts and fluid in 1 tube for good measure.i thought that's it I'm goner have a date for a Hysterectomy but now him said try this drug Zoladex and then poss have opp??

I'm confused as to why wait and take this drug with all its side effects and why can't I just be booked in for opp now .... Feel like I'm going crazy, is anybody else had the same problems and suggestions from doctors .

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Evening ....

I had one operation beginning of March which removed two cysts in each ovary

I am now on a six month course of Zoladex before my next operation- they put you on Zoladex to stop the endometriosis from growing and to reduce it to help with the operation when “removing” the endometriosis.

Everyone is different so you may not have all the side effects which you read about.

Most people that I read on here say it helps with their pain + plus no bleeding.

Some of the side effects I have had so far-

Hot flushes

Headache/migraines (but that was only for a few days 2 weeks after the first injection)

Memory fuzzy

Joint achy (but I have been taking an extra calcium vitamin to help with joints)

And itchy

I also have one of my tubes blocked - so they hope being on this for the 6 months will help when they go back in and operation.

Hope that helps and answers your questions .. here to talk if you want

Rachel xx


Cheers Rachel, I don't know why my doc would want to put me on such a harsh drug as I went to hospital with all the intention of getting a date for a Hysterectomy . My doctor said this drug will shrink my fibroid and clear my endo but I'm thinking take it all out now rather than in 6 months time ?

I think I need another doctor or another appointment to be fair 🤔


Yes I’m having the same problem , I don’t want to have zoladex but am being forced into it . I’ve read into it and done my reasearch . My own consultant was very understanding but have since seen a new consultant who wasn’t very nice and basically shrugged all my concerns off .


Cheers Tjjl,looking like a phone call to doc next week and hopefully get a apt for more answers🤔🤔

Everyone I spoken to have said its a major opp, ie Hysterectomy but the time is come enough is enough , I personally don't wanna have 1 treatment here n another one in 3-6 months time etc , I would rather it all come out ie, womb, ovaries, tubes, cervix so I wouldn't have to be opened up again . I also suffer with keloid scarring so I don't want to have loads of opts .

Feel like I'm going mad to be honest Hun x


I think just really really make sure no other option I proper felt like I was / I am pretty nutty and hard to decide as so many gynes say different stuff and tbf I think hysterectomy is the cheapest option for them too as after that you sort of signed off gyne department and I just been left to manage. I have 4 friends who've had hysterectomys in the last 5 years only one had the problem solved by it, the rest of us either got short term relief and then problem back or different issues. Again I only speaking from my experience we all very different but menopause makes massive difference for bones, pelvic floor and just general muscle tone just really changes your body dont think that is explained enough prior to op.

But obviously you know your body andthe history of why your having it but just saying its helpful to go to local endo UK meets if any near you. The ladies at them really understand properly and have loads of proper advice and local Dr info , bit nerve wracking going if you know no one but then no one there knew anyone else when they first went and all so friendly and genuinely understand. :)


Hi chanboss

Im going on Zoladex after my diagnostic lap. I too want an hysterectomy but was told that my endometriosis pain may still be there after one. I have been told that the zoladex will mimic the menopause. If it helps with the pain and endo growth then they know an hysterectomy will do the same.

I'm on the laparoscopy waiting list, I've had my pre op but not got a date for surgery. I'm going on Zoladex after the surgery for 6 months and I'm desperate for it to work.

Some ladies have been put on Zoladex before a treatment lap to help with surgery- although I am not sure what it does other than reduce endo growth.


Hey Belle17, sorry i thought i messaged ya a reply , Yes Zoladex treatment is to bring on early meno and reduce endo growth for opp, but i just think noooooo way for me, i have trouble taking any meds ( i can't even pop a pill) and will try just about anything, lol.

At present i'm drinking Camomile tea x 4 a day as its good for pelvic troubles and flushing out stuff, so watch this space hun xx

Good luck with your treatments hun

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Ive had full hysterectomy including ovaries everything and any endo seen removed during op although surgeon said they saw none ......pain been worse since opp now being offered zoladex incase of residual endo left not seen really dont want to but think I'm going to have to try it as nothing else offered after op they said it was nerve damage from op.

Continuous bladder infections and so much pain completely unable to have sex at all the now say may be endo as get blood in my urine too even though bladder was checked cystocopy 6 months ago :( :(

I really didnt want to try zoladex before hysterectomy but now wish I had. I know we all different but do consider it, I was told zoladex wouldnt work as I had post ablation syndrome which put me off it anyway but now wish I'd tried it first as menopause and hysterectomy is really hard. Massive impact on my life realationships and work.

Some people hysterectomy is great for, so dont wanna be a right bossy misery lady , but do consider everything you can before having the op it's so massive.

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OMG... Alicepirate, you sound like you had enuff, i thought i had problems xx

Have you tried any herbal stuff for your infections? Being cut open can lead to scar tissue after a while hun. I personally don't wanna try Zoladex as it seems so harsh ,my consultant at Hospital seems to think i need it to see if my pelvic pains go away and my fibroid shrinks before i can have Hysterectomy but ive got a appointment on Friday with my gp doc to see if i can go on patch( to try n stop periods) and be referred to Endo clinic at Womens hospital in brum...

Wait and see hey xx


Oh,I'm hoping everything shrinks and i can wait a bit longer till i go thro Menopause au naturalle god willing ( i'm nearly 48 )


yey I hope that too you get to endo clinic think they are alot more understanding does you head in all the waiting .Youve inspired me think I should ask to go to endo clinic too thankyou :) I forgot about serrapeptase that good for scarring isnt it actually I might try that again thankyou :) I dont know what the bladder thing is i drink loads of water and herbal bladders teas but keep getting infections drives me mad, dont feel ill with them just pain and 2 hourly wake ups , though it was adenomyosis causing bladder and bowel pain but obviously not :(

Thankyou :) Sorry dont want to my your post all about me :) :) :) Bit thankyou for advice :)

Hope you get some good advice soon and get referral quickly :)

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