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I thought it was getting better πŸ˜” 😒

Hi ladies,

So, I was diagnosed with endo roughly 12 years ago after the birth of my first child and further diagnosed with adeno via MRI approx 4 years ago after my youngest. I've tried various treatments etc etc and have stuck with the Evra patch on and off for the past 4ish years as I've found it to be the best for me.

I have been really fortunate the last few months, although I've been in pain and lethargic I've still managed to get through staying away from the hard painkillers etc and have been quietly quite pleased. My sex drive was non existent before but the past few weeks I've found it again much to my partners delight. There's been no pain or bleeding and it's been really nice to just enjoy being 'normal'. Last night I couldn't sleep due to the heat and hubby was half asleep on the sofa so I decided that maybe I needed some nighttime exercise (sorry for the TMI) anyway we started and everything was fine no pain etc, after a while we decided to switch to positions a bit and I started to get this horrific pain in my bum (no we weren't doing that! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) I tried to carry on despite it but it was getting worse. I said we needed to stop and tried to laugh it off but it was becoming more and more intense and next thing I know I am screaming the house down in absolute agony. I'm used to pain when we have sex but this was something completely and utterly different. It was in the rectovaginal area but literally felt like I'd been stabbed with a red hot knife repeatedly and even an hour later it was there absolutely no better. I got an emergency doctors appointment this morning and was so desperate I didn't even care it was the male GP that I don't really like that much. He seemed to fob me off a bit and said "well pain during intercourse is just a normal part of endometriosis and adenomysosis" am I right for feeling like that isn't a good enough explanation? I completely get that it is a common symptom but it was completely different to what I've experienced before. I did manage to get him to prescribe some more meds and he wasnt able to examine me as I have gone into spasm so he also prescribed some diazepam to help with the spasms as I haven't been able to wee since. I asked him for a rereferral back to my gynaecologist who had written to the GP (he had the letter in front of him) and said that if I found I wasn't struggling to go straight back but it was like getting blood out of a stone.

I know I have just completely ranted but sometimes it just feels better to get these things off your chest.

N xx

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Honestly, these GP's make me so angry. If men had excruciating pain in their penis when they tried to have sex, GP's surgeries would be awash with them and something would be done about it. We complain about it, it gets shrugged off, because we're only women and our enjoyment isn't important.

Can you go back and see someone else and push for a referral back to gynae? His response really isn't good enough. x.


I completely agree. I've given birth naturally twice and would do it again in a heartbeat over the pain I've been in since last night. I just can't take much more πŸ˜” xx


hi. How is your pain know? Your an expert on your own body and for a sudden change in pain they shouldn't be fobbing you off. I only got diagnosed in Sept but I've quickly learnt the lack of knowledge about endometriosis is awful, when I got admitted to a&e in march I was asked to explain what it was!

personally I'd be back to the gps every day till they referred me as even with a helpful gp they don't know enough about it and what might be the cause of the change in pain.

I hope the pain eases off and you get the referral asap. Xx

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It's horrendous but I don't want to have to go to A&E I still feel like I'm being stabbed in my bits. Can't sit, stand or lay down properly without being in extreme agony 😒 xx


hi. Has the medication helped at all? If its not your best bet is probably going to a&e, I had a ruptured cyst in march and i passed out the pain was so bad I've never had anything like it ( labour was a walk in the park in comparison) they were brilliant with me at a&e and I wasn't fobbed off they sorted the pain and then I had scans the following morning to see what was going on. Be firm if you feel they aren't taking you seriously.



Hi, from what you have described it's sounds like you might have a cyst that has ruptured during intercourse, normally after the pain it will absorb back into ur body but if you start to feel unwell in any way then I would go to A and E, as it can cause a infection , hope this helps


Thank you so much for that. I did wonder if it was likely to be a cyst but I've just never had that kind of extreme pain there like that before! I feel so fed up right now xx

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