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Getting it off my chest


I am hoping the point of the blogs is to share our experiences otherwise I am coming accross as whiney ;-)

I was an early starter and began my periods at 13, at 14 I had my first really long period, lsted 22 days. I like to make a joke out of serious things so it was nicknamed 'periodgate' (I didnt say I was funny) I went to the doctor he said it was normal at my age when I was beginning periods, I went at 15 to see my gp with pain so bad it made me physically sick and he said maybe I had endometriosis, prescribed me mefenemic acid and told me to just take paracetamol.

15 years later I'm in hospital with 'mystery abdominal pain when the doctor cant identify it I get sent to three specialists. A gynecologist, a gastroenterologist and a multi convergent therapist (I've seen him four times and I still dont know what he does)

the gastroenterologist sent me for an endoscopy and the found a hiatus hernia. The gynecologist told me I had a tilted uterus and did an internal exam that had me squirming in pain till I cried. After a few more questions she told me she had no doubt it is endometriosis and it was possibly affecting my bowels so I need a laprasctomy. I cant tell you how relieved I was that after 15 years I had an answer!! The gynecologist was shocked that I had clear signs of endometriosis for my entire adult life and it was the first time I saw a gynecologist. I'm with her on that!!

(My symptoms are excessively painful periods that can last up to 30 days, fatigue, anxiety, awful pmt, tingling in my legs, and a lot of pain when I have sex)

I called my mum and told her and she said the strangest thing to me, 'it must be nice for someone to confrim its something real and not in your head' gotta love the implication that I may have just been crazy. My mum is really supportive and loving but shes listened to enough problems from me I think I've driven her a bit mad!!

so march the 19th I am getting my laprasctomy where I have my fingers and toes crossed they find endometriosis so I have my answer and it can be fixed, ish!!

thanks you for listening ;-)

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You have got to love mums! Mine said you can't have it, it's inherited and I haven't got it!

Have my lap on 22nd and know how you feel. Who ever would have of thought we would want to know we had something wrong!

Will be thinking of you on 19th. Lots of luck



Thanks just had to see my gp again cause pains not good still they couldn't do an internal exam cause my womb and my canal are in spasm and clamped down got to have an internal exam under anesthetic. Boo!!!! And their trying to bring my laprasctomy date forward. I thinks drinking a lot of tea is called for


Hello, some of the symptoms you describe could well be adenomyosis. If you have not already been screened for this condition please ask to be checked for it. The only positive way to see adenomyosis is by colour doppler MRI scan. For more information about adenomyosis please visit adenomyosisadviceassociatio... x Take care x Danielle x



i have seen a private specialist since and she has suggested this condition as well, i had an untlrasound and the technician said i had a small uterus so he didnt think this was right, can they tell via ultrasound?

thanks danielle


Hi thanks I did look at this but I dont have bloating or heavy bleeding or a few other of the symtoms but I will ask the doctor about it when I see them I dont think anything should be ruled out lol


I too think i have endo and it has been mentioned by my GP. Currently on Zoladex don't think pain has been as bad but maybe i am just coping better and used to the pain, does that sound weird? I do think the worst thing is not having a diagnosis and I sometimes think people think i am making it up. I have just gone back to work after 12 weeks off and people keep saying are you better? I then have to explain that it is going to be a long process. They also say are you doing anything at the weekend and to be honest all i do when i get home is pj's on and lay on sofa. If it wasn't for my husband and children i don't know what frame of mind i would be in. It seems awful that it takes so long trying this trying that dont know why they just dont go in and have a look. We have lives to lead and it's being put on hold till the Medical proffession can be bothered to sort us. Sorry to rant, love this sight it helps loads x


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