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New here 7cm cyst

Good evening ladies.

I'm new too the forum, I went for a ultra sound last Friday and they found a 7cm cyst on my left ovary. They could not see my ovary.. I have got too wait a week today for a telephone call from my gp... was wondering will it be a referral too gynaecologist or just straight for it too be removed... I've not been diagnosed with endometriosis, but at about 22 I had my cervix caurotised for the lining of my growing there... but never any more investigation. Now 10 years down the line is have this cyst

I had the scan due too chronic cramps, pain full sex, that painful it was none igistant

Sorry for rant

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Ultra-sounds don't usually show endometriosis, although they sometimes can. I would suggest that you ask to get an MRI which would show endometriosis incase there are any growths anywhere else. If they do a laparoscopy to remove the cyst they might not find endo elsewhere if it is lurking in the more hard to get at bits.

You would certainly see the gynaecologist before being put on the waiting list for an operation. It might need to gynae to refer you for an MRI, it depends on your local NHS system.


Hi! I have got same diagnosis with similar symptoms. However my gynae suggested to wait till we consider any surgery because it my compromise my ovarian function and already struggling to conceive:(. Hope you get better opinions dear.


Thank you for your reply, I called my gp early too check that they had scan results back, she advised me that they had and it was boarder line..... what ever that means so now a weekend of worry 😣😣


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