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12 days post off. Pain on toliet help!


I have always had severe pain before a BM and am now I'm 12 days post first lap surgery.

They found endo on my bladder and ovary. Also found my ovary and bowel stuck together although this wasn't the result from endometriosis.

Now, the pain before and after a BM --actually all day in my bowel area is horrible and it is very sore when I urinate too. I am urinating way more than I ever needed to also.

Is this a case that I need to remind myself I'm only 12 days into recovery or does this sound not normal? Thinking I may also need to see a bowel specialist :S

Anyone else experienced this pain after surgery xxx

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When I had mine I had pain when going for a wee and felt like I constantly had to go. I phoned the discharge nurse and explained my symptoms, they asked me to go back so I could be tested for an infection, I did have one and was given 2 lots of antibiotics. 1 was to ease the symptoms before the test came back from the lab and then was given a stronger form of them to clear the infection.

You should try go back and get seen, or visit your GP. It's better to be safe than sorry. Hope your feeling better soon.


Thanks so much.

I saw my surgeon today and he requested another urine test to see if there a bladder infection :) I'm sure there is - something isn't right.

Thanks so much xxx

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Glad that they are doing that for you. Awful things infections so hopefully they can treat it and you can start getting back to recovery without that on top .


Thank so much :)

Can't wait to be fully recovered!

Wishing you health and best wishes also x

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