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Saw consultant today. It's the bowel excision surgery

Ive been worrying and worrying for months about whether surgery was the right thing . a Tried the coil and then zoladex. Side effects were so bad I stopped it all a month ago. So I've been back to square one. Been feeling like I had my brain back but bloating returned and fatigue persisted. Sex stopped entirely along the way. I Went for my 6 months check up today to discuss progesterone alternatives Vs the big excision op.

Surprised myself by agreeing to the surgery. It's been a sword of Damocles over my head so long anyway that I'm sick of it. Surgeon said endo was still active and there was the risk of​ of it penetrating over time even if I took progesterone option. They would want me under close monitoring and having MRIs. So bit the bullet and agreed.

Just worn out with it all.

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Your history sounds the same as mine. I've been terrified of surgery for several years but I'm desperate now. My main anxiety is the hrt as I get so many side effects on all the pills and coil! Good luck

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Are you going to have a hysterectomy to need hrt? I ruled that bit outfor now. My problem is lack of desperation, I suffer fatigue mostly not so much pain so found the decision difficult.


My consultant last year gave me 2 choices after my last laparoscopy. 1. A mirina coil or 2. Hysterectomy with high risk of colostomy. At the time the coil was the better option but sadly I've become horrid on it - I'm moody, exhausted, tearful and depressed. Antidepressants have helped a little but at the moment I'm not sure which is better - horrendous bleeding & pain for 2 weeks every month or mood swings, exhaustion & depression. I'm seeing the consultant next month to beg for the surgery & ive been keeping fingers crossed the coil has reduced the endo for me!! I'm just scared hrt will give the symptoms that the pill, progesterone & coil have caused. Sadly there seems to be no right or wrong ways of dealing with endo especially as it's unique for everyone. You read other people's comments and have to make a judgement. I'm a nurse so the worst kind of patient as I know all the facts etc but would love someone to advice on best course of action. Sadly no crystal ball for us!

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Hugs. You reach a point where the knowledge and research stop helping as everyone is different. Like you I have depression (ADs never worked for me) and exhaustion.

A zoladex trial might help you trial what chemical menopause and hrt is like

Fwiw. It was the zoladex I struggled with and the livial hrt add back did help take the edge off. But the zoladex gave me neurology symptoms and memory loss so hysterectomy or oopherectomy not a goer.

Sorry your excision is high risk of colostomy. That risk is there but they have not emphasised it for me, it sounds like the nodule is high enough that they think they should be able to avoid it.


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