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How long does the Combined Pill take to work?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis last August. I am fortunate it is only mild, but still have problems with pain.

I was on Cilest for 9 months. Most of the time I got on very well with it but could not combine more than 2 packs together without getting pain. I think the longest I made it was 7-8 weeks. As time went on I got more breakthrough bleeding and problems.

I've now changed to Yasmin. Side effects have not been good but I have only been on them for 5 days. I remember with Cilest I felt improvements rapidly but have not felt improvements in my pelvic pain since starting Yasmin.

How long do you realistically need to give the COCP before thinking "this is not the one for me".

I would be grateful to hear some experiences about the combined oral contraceptive pill to help my patience!!

Also I so not get on well with any POP

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