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Hi Guys,

Know this will be a bit of a long shot but i'm due to have me third excision of endo, Polyps and nodules in the Bowell. I'm stage 4 and have not been able to conceive so far. i do not qualify for free IVF in my area as my partner has a child from previous relationship. So although there are no guarantees i'm told the best time to try naturally is directly after the surgery. I am wondering if anyone has tried and succeeded? or if there is anything i can do / take to increase my chances?

Many thanks

Katie x

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I had my endo removed 27th of March this year after nearly 3 years of trying and fell pregnant the month after and am currently 9 weeks. My friend was also the same she had tried 5 years then got her endo removed and within a few months fell pregnant so it does happen x

Hi. just wondered how you had it removed, did you have it done privately x


Yeah I went private to get it all removed :-) x

I fell pregnant naturally after my lap and so did my friend. I miscarried unfortunately (but have since found out there is a make factor issue as well) but my friend had a healthy baby who is now 18 months old. I really believe it makes you more likely to fall! My ovulation monitor said I didn't ovulate that cycle as well (the only cycle I haven't seen that smiley face on the monitor in many months of using) but I obviously did. Just make sure you are on your folic acid and vitamin d xx

*male not make!

Yeah I'm 25 weeks now all is going good :-) x

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