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Fertility tests?

Hello, I recently found out I had endo after an almost fatal hospital stay.

I am now having tests to find out if endo has made me infertile I am just wondering if anyone has have a HSG OR any of the other tests too?

I'm only 20 and wondering if there is any advice on anything as we'll GP isn't helpful and the gyno lady didn't care to explain

Thank you :)

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Hi Kate-Elizabeth. Sorry to hear about your awful hospital stay...are you getting any better now? I've spent 3 1/2 wks in hospital myself this summer and its not fun is it? I've had a HSG after we struggled to conceive. Despite the endo, I was lucky it was clear. We were referred for IVF and I took clomid to stimulate ovulation while we waited. Luckily we conceived out little girl and she is now almost 2. We would love another but unfortunately the endo is not helping at the moment. X


Hello thank you for your reply! I'm getting there just want some answers now :) as it was very scary and no one actually explained what happened until I went to my out patient appointment! Sorry to hear about your summer stay.. Isn't exactly the holiday you wanted! I hope that's sorted?

Oh do they still refer you?

Is the HSG ok I've been reading up on it with my best friend google obviously this provided me with a high level of anxiety!

Congratulations on your little girl! That's great! Hopefully they can support you on your second child!

It's all very disheartening when you don't know your chances of having a family I'm only 20 and at uni but after my op all I want now is a family. I get very upset seeing pregnant women which isn't healthy!

Don't suppose you have any advice?

Thank you again!xxxx


Hi sorry to hear you've had a bad time,I had my tubes checked, I assume that's what you mean, at the same time as lap so was asleep through it. I have been told it's uncomfortable if your aawake but bearable but chose to have it done together. Unfortunately my tubes are blocked with hydrosalpinx which is fluid and I've got a big op booked to now remove them. Although initially I was devastated since then I found out hydrosalpinx is toxic to embryos so to try ivf which is my only hope they have to go. I got a bit of hope back with hoping for ivf only to be told I'm too old in my area. The good news for you is you are young so if you find yourself in my position then know that there is help with nhs. I've now had blood tests as now under a fertility specialist rather than gyni, and my amh is 41 which is good news as means I have plenty of eggs so should respond well to ivf if we do it. For now I have to have op and wait 6 months to recover before ivf so I just focus on any good news and know that it may not be easy but there's still hope for a baby.

I hope I haven't scared you, and your results may be fine but if there is any issues, I just wanted to really say that there is always hope you may just need some help along the way. As for dealing with it, I'm better than I was it's not easy when it seams babies are everywhere you look, but for now I just try and enjoy seeing my nieces and nephews and have hope that one day it will happen x


Thank you for your reply.

Sorry to hear about ivf with regards to age but I hope there is a way around that I'm sure I read on NICE guildlines about re doing the requirements!

And having your tubes removed I hope that goes as well as possible!

I think the HSG is for tube testing! So we will see what they say on Monday I guess I don't know why they didn't when there did key whole but that's another questions for another day!

Yeah I have a nephew who is 5 who I adore and my partners sister just had twins initially I found that hard but now I'm just constantly buying them presents... I guess there is always other options ....

Best of luck xx


Hi yes I just checked it is the dye test, so at least you'll know if your tubes are ok. I have endo on my ovaries but my fertility doc has told me this shouldn't cause any problems with getting pregnant. It's the tubes and that it's all stuck together that's the issue so fingers crossed this op sorts all that.

The nice guidelines have been extended but these are only guideliness so each area set who gets ivf so all depends where you live. Don't worry too much about that as theres lots of other options before ivf. The main thing is having tests and then at least you'll know.

That's lovely that you have children around you, initially being around my new nephew was hard but now I just try and enjoy spoiling them. A friend said I got all the good bits ie playing taking them out and then handing them back when the nappy needs changing or they're having a tantrum! Lol well you just have to find the positives and dirty nappies isn't the best job!

Are you having test Monday? I Google everything sometimes it helps knowing more but sometimes it can be scarey so it's good to understand what the doctors are talking about, but then I found myself watching op on you tube and had to stop myself before I freaked myself out! So Google is helpful but if it's scaring you stop looking!! Good luck and I hope you get some good news x


I was awake when I had the HSG and it was quite weird and a bit uncomfy but I'm sure you've had worse just living with endo pain! My midwife friend said dose up on your normal painkillers first to help if you get cramping after. I would also say to definitely take someone with you and go home in a car if you can rather than public transport. It was fine I just felt a bit wobbly. They said that was quite normal just something to do with the feeling you get as they put the dye through your cervix. Was cool to see the dye on the screen though! Or maybe I'm just weird! I got them to take extra pics of my endo too so I could show my husband what was causing the pain!! Good luck and hope all is well xx


Hi, I had an hsg and it was honestly nothing to worry about. It doesn't hurt and it's over within about 10 minutes. My hsg was clear but my MRI and ultra sound scan showed cysts. They are in the severe category. You have age on your side. It's not easy but try and be strong and hopeful. It's the only way to get through it!


Ah okay thank you we'll I know I don't have cysts as mine ruptured not long ago which is why i know I have endo as they removed when they dealt with the cyst.

Thank you for letting me know it isn't too bad I'm a bit nurvous about it! Sorry to hear about your cysts, I hope they are able to help you! Take care x


Hi Kate Elizabeth,

I've had a hsg and was awake for it. It was pretty uncomfy though the doc said they'd give local anesthesia if the pain was unbearable but it didn't come to that. It was over really quickly. I went through a whole heap of testing too because I've been diagnosed with endo but I know it'll be worth it when I have my baby.

The crazy thing is I went in for a lap but I was told about the endo when I left the hospital and met my doc up afterwards. I had trouble getting pregnant and when the doc told me all was well after the lap I thought yay I can finally be a mommy and was gutted when the doc diagnosed me with endo when I went for my outpatient appointment days afterwards.

I'm still trying to get preggers and I hope you'll have some good news soon.

Take care


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