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Vibrating and muscle twitches help?...sounds a bit rude I know :D

Hi everyone

I have loads of questions I feel internet can't answer, this being my first of many :)

Curious question really..ive got endometriosis as well as cysts on the ovaries, I'm unsure of what stage but hospital has put me on the pill constant to stop periods and reduce growth of both cysts and endo, had laproscopy for 11cm cyst removal last year ..anyway...does anyone get a weird vibration sensation in their lower belly/leg area? By vibrations I mean I thought my phone was in my lap it was that strong! It doesn't last but it happens randomly and feels so weird, also random muscle twitches, they can happen anywhere on the body, arms, butt even my ovaries, I don't have to be moving I could be sat or laid down, anyone else get these? :-/

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I had this the other day it felt like I had vibrations going down my body in waves. It was like that tiny pins and needs all over in a way but vibrations sounds like a better description.

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I wonder if it's our muscles relaxing and tensing, I don't realise how tense I've been through out the day but I can never relax as pain just starts out of nowhere, I am currently laid down and my leg is twitching like mad, I've a water bottle on and I think it's cos am relaxing a bit that my muscles are starting to give, maybe the vibrations is the muscles tensing? They don't mention these things at the hospital it's pretty much a guessing game I've found


You are probably right. I was stretched out on the sofa when it happened and I had had a really painful day. I do often get twitches. It really is a guessing game. The second I have a new or weird symptom I google it straight away. Just knowing someone else has gone throw it makes me feel more normal

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