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Endo pain and pooping!

Hi guys

I know this is really random. I have endo but not sure a yet where it is? As i am waiting for a lap. I have constant pain in lower left abdomen sometimes the pain gets extreme and i am doubled over, on these times i find that il get a upset belly where im in so much pain then il go to toilet( poop) and then the pain kind of subsides abit over time.

I know that i have no bowel problems as i have had a colonoscopy so does anyone else have this weird thing happen.

Also does anyones endo feel like muscle pains as in when u move it catches or the pulling like its spliting inside!!

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It's possible to have endo on your bowel without it being inside your bowel (so that it would be seen on a colonoscopy). It's good that you'll be having a lap and good that your colonoscopy was clear). Xxx


If you think of the gut as a tube that runs from the mouth to the anus, then remember that a tube has an inside and an outside, the only way of seeing the outside of the tube is to open someone up and take a look. If that hasn't been done then all sorts of problems could be missed.

If you have scar tissue outside the bowel then when your bowel gets full it could be stretching that scar tissue or any endometriosis deposits. And that is likely to cause pain.

The bowel and the rectum are common sites for endometriosis to be found. It felt like I was shitting razor-blades for many, many years. The problem didn't go away for me until after I'd had a hysterectomy. I still resent the fact that I was given no other choice or had no other choice. And I still have problems now, 20 years later.

To help to reduce pain (if it is even possible) you need to make sure that your gut doesn't block up. In other words, don't let yourself get constipated.


Thankyou for your reply. I hope to get lap in couple weeks as seeing a gynae on tues, it been exhausting trying to get someone to take my pain seriously, ive been in a & e more times then id like to admit over 8 weeks and misdiagnosed with ibs, diverticulitus and gallstones!

I do find it flares up as soon as i need to go to poop in morning the pain in groin is terrible but actually goin in fine.


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