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Do I have Endometriosis?

I am 25 and have always had quite heavy strong periods however after I had my son three years ago via emergency c section they got alot worse I am bloated doubling over in pain and having to take sick days from work, my mum tells me to take ibuprofen and feminax and it doesn't touch it at all! People think i'm being dramatic! I have horrid clots during my period which have appeared over the past year. The past couple of months I have also experienced nausea and even vomited on occasion and have been getting the odd cramp when not on my period.

I spoke to my friend who said I should look into endometriosis, to be honest I hate self diagnosing via the internet it scares me but alot of what i've seen makes sense so far so just looking for others opinions and suggestions for what to say to the GP when I go tomorrow!

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I'm sorry to read you have to go through this too.

I take Feminax, which doesn't always work. Please note you cannot take ibuprofen and feminax at the same time or closer than 8h apart as they are both NSAIDs. You can take paracetamol 500mg with either, that works and is OK to do.

Nuromol sometimes works. there's also codeine, but I'm not sure you can have over the counter.

For heavy bleeding, I got tranexamic acid, which I can take for 3 days; and for my bladder pain I got 2mg diazepam.

Good luck


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