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Fighting Fatigue

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions for the constant fatigue we deal with?

Between my body constantly trying to fight this, me constantly trying to push through the day while in constant pain, and trying to keep a straight face so I don't alarm my coworker when I'm struggling, I'm utterly exhausted. Last week I did a full five days of work for the first time in a few months. It about broke me. I really struggled to get through Friday and my whole weekend was spent trying to recover my energy. I made it to work yesterday, but just couldn't do it today because I feel absolutely wiped.

I can't sleep through the night because the lower back pain has gotten so severe and so constant that I can't get comfortable so I wake up multiple times to try and adjust. The 30 mg codeine pills I have don't really do much to reduce the pain. Then there's the fun bit where moving hurts worse. Walking makes it feel like there are air bubbles moving around my spine. Sitting is uncomfortable too. It just hurts all the time no matter what I do and I'm so exhausted from it all that I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I just can't win some days, that I'm just not strong enough to push through every day. 😐

There has got to be something to help this. Please, Hera, let there be something.

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Hi hun I know exactly how you feel fatigue has been my life long symptom since young only got diagnosed with endo this year. Since taking meds just make fatigue so much worse I went on the hunt for natural things to help. Iv found serrepeptase helps and maca has helped with pain and fatigue my back pain is almost minimal and I just seem to get it on period and mid cycle but not as bad. I put maca in my morning smoothie and it seems to help with fatigue. This Is an hour after my serrepeptase as it needs to be taken on an empty stomach serrepeptase. I can honestly say I don't take pain meds every day any more just a few times in the month.

Give them a go see if they help you

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely check them out because all this codeine makes me stomach feel awful.


I know and the constipation on top horrendous.

Look them up you'll be fascinated by what they can do.

Wish you all the best let me know how you get on xxx


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