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3 weeks post mirena.. help :-(

Hi everyone

I'm 3 weeks post mirena insertion, and I am still experiencing horrific cramping and not so much "period" bleeding.. but just random outbursts of fresh blood after an intense cramp.. I don't have a fever so not sure its infection but not sure how long to put up with this pain?!!!

I got checked one week post as was still in so much pain and doctor said cervix looked healthy so not sure what to do now :-(

Any advice welcome

Thanks you x

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I've had my mirena for nearly 18 months now. I won't lie - it took about 3, 4 months so really settle down. I even went to A&E the pain was so bad after about 4 weeks. ( had ultrasound and all was fine) I was so ready to take it out but my GP persuaded me to keep it in. Finally my periods settled and have now completely gone. I have a bit of spotting every now and again but I am so so glad I carried on with it.

If you are worried please go to see your doctor, you can ease your mind and have it checked out like I did. Hope this helps.


It can take up to six months to settle. I'm trying to think back to my first and how I managed.

I found not using tampons but pads or a menstrual cup decreased my cramps considerably to the point where I don't have cramps at all even on my heavier bleed days.

Hope it settles down soon.


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