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Should I come off the pill - depression?

Hi everyone,

It's my first time posting on this forum and would just like to say it's really great to find a place in which women can all support each other and share stories/advice.

My Endo story in brief: Always had severely debilitating period pains, finally diagnosed with Endo last September at the age of 29. Had a laparoscopy in the November. Surgeon removed all visible signs of Endo. A few months after recovery the pain was still there. Follow up appointment with specialist revealed that there must still be Endo on my uterus, but unfortunately they cannot operate to remove it from there.

It was recommended that I manage my symptoms by taking the pill (currently on Cilest), however, I just feel SO down and depressed taking it. I'm on the verge of tears every day. I just don't think I can feel this way for the foreseeable future but i'm worried if I don't take it the damage caused by Endo might affect my chances at having children in the future. I have also tried Yasmin and Microgynon in the past and had similar problems with them so had to come off.

Has anyone had similar problems with taking the pill, but had more success with one of the other recommended treatments such progesterones or the coil?

P.S. I would like to recommend green tea as THE most amazing painkiller for Endo cramps. I swear by it being as good, if not better than any prescribed painkillers i've been given. I put loads of teabags (non-caffeinated otherwise you'll be up all night!) in a mug with hot water and drink as much as I can! My pain is alleviated in about 20 mins!

Thanks so much xxx

n Novem f

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I had the coil and it worked by stopping my periods. Sadly I had at it a same time as a lap and I experienced daily discomfort from its position so near the area operated plus I am petite in stature and had to take it out.

I am now experiencing a full on depression episode two weeks after but didn't have that side effect with it . I have a long history of depression.

I am looking into other progestogens at my next consult.

Everyone is different though in which effects they get and whether they find them tolerable, so the only way to find out is to try for yourself really.

Some people find Zoladex (GnrH) amazing for the pain but I had a horrendous time with side effects worse than my symptoms and came off that very quickly.


Hi Starry,

Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear you're experiencing a depression episode :( Perhaps it's an effect of having the coil removed and your hormones re-adjusting themselves again? Hope you start to feel better soon.

Yes I guess you're right, we are all different and suppose only way to find out is to try and see. I'm confident that if I came off the pill, and had painful periods again, I could control the pain with green tea and naproxen. However, it's the damage to my organs i'm worried about.

I feel like i'm basically having to choose between feeling depressed all the time on the pill, or feeling happy but knowing the Endo is causing damage and could be getting worse.

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Funnily enough im ridiculous on contreception. I went on the pill from 14-17 .. Had a copper coil in for a year then went back on the pill from 18-21 and i dont for life of me remember it being 'bad'. Now im like you, teary eyed, depressed plus i breakthrough bleed on either progesterone only or combined pill? My gynae is putting me on zoladex, woopie doo... cuz the pill wont work and they dont want to do more surgery? Not sure if thats not yet or ever again? Honestly dont know! He said i was such a mess last time that surgery might not be an option? No will he send me for an ultrasound knowing my endo is back?

Anyway! Ive no idea what theyre going to do? Zoladex doesnt work for me as ive already tried it.

But was wondering if age/endo effects the contreceptive pill? Because it certainly doesnt do me any good now either? I tried to ask my gynae but he thinks i messed up my pill and thats where breakthrough bleeding was coming from? I actually took it religiously! My gynae hasnt even suggested the coil, and im sure he knows something i dont cuz hes always advocated i stay away from progesterone only treatments?


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