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Hi! I had my laparoscopy at 19, I'm 20 now and I seem to be in more pain after my op than before I had it! I'm currently on the pill but I have been since a young age due to issues with my periods. I'm also currently prescribed Solpadol and Ponstan Forte to relieve the pain but it only helps occasionally! I'm hoping to find out more about the coil and hopefully give that a go soon! I'm always an emotional mess as well which I find embarrassing especially as no one else around me seems to understand! I've only just found out about the support groups and I'm hoping people can give me some advice or support!

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Hiya, i am 22 and I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis In February. Since my surgery the pain has been slightly easier, however with every flare up I have it seems to get a little worse each time.

Unfortunately the doctors have not managed to find a hormone treatment that works for me, everyone we try makes it worse.

Have you discussed with your doctor which coil you are having?


Hi! Thank you for your response. I think I need to try more treatments as I've only ever tried the pill and painkillers! I don't know which coil I will be getting but will be discussing it more with my gynae next month!

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I am 19, and had my second surgery 6 weeks ago. I completely understand you situation. If you are still in pain, I would suggest you go back to your specialist and tell them that. They can then investigate further :)

Also, emotional side, I was AWFUL when I was on the pill. I felt (and still do sometimes) feel rubbish as I felt sad and upset for no reason. I think its a case of finding the right medication to suite you :) I had a mirena coil fitted when I had surgery, and honestly, so far so good :) Maybe you should give it a go :)

Wish you all the best, stay strong :) We all understand what you are going through so dont worry :)


Hi, thank you so much for your response! I can't believe you've had two surgeries already! I'm going back next month so fingers cross they do investigate further! Fed up of living on strong painkillers and hugging a hot water bottle every day! I wasn't even aware there were different types of coil! It makes me feel tonnes better that people are responding and understanding me! Thank you again!


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