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UTIs,IBS and Endo


Feeling really low today and just wanted to ask you guys if you suffer from recurring urinary tract infections along with your Endo?it feels like every time we now have sex it results in me getting a UTI and when you are trying to conceive this is hard,especially because a lot of the time sex can be painful and knowing that it usually end up with UTI is really hard.Also I suffer from severe IBS and have heard that it is common for sufferers of Endo to also have IBS?just feels like a vicious cycle!I had 1st lap 4 years ago and waiting date for my 2nd but 1st one didn't help-only found some patch of Endo and did laser it!help!!

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Are you sure its not interstitial cystitis? Look it up, apparently IC and endo are often both found. I had the same, kept getting treated for UTIs until it got to the point where I had enough when antibiotics never worked. Symptoms are similar to UTI but it is in fact a chronic condition affecting the inner lining of the bladder. It's not curable but if diagnosed can be managed with meds and regular bladder instillations. I have also been diagnosed with endo.

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Thanks for your reply,I will defo look IC up and ask Consultant about it!


Do you have any problems emptying your bladder (when you don't have a UTI) as I struggle to empty and my consultant said that will be why I'm struggling with UTI's. Just a thought for you x


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