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Can't eat? Ibs? Bowel endo?

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Does anyone when eating after a few mouth fulls, all of a sudden get this stabbing pain in stomach and then come over all dizzy and extreme nauseated and shaking and stops you being able to eat? Then the urge to need to empty bowels but thats impossible! And a tingling in vagina?

It can be 10 mouthfuls or 1... Its awful I've lost so much weight (over 3 stone in a few months) .. I can't eat!!! And every doctor keeps saying ibs...

TMi I bleed from bum before period and I have severe issues going toilet for years and its getting worse to a point I can't eat... I also have alot of mucus and foam... Severe load noises from tummy right side, and can barely empty bowels

I also have bladder constant leaking and can't hold any wee, I feel constant pressure. And bladder can't fill or I need a wee now!! And nothing there so I try to wee and it stables in middle of timmy under belly button.

Does anyone have this? Is it just ibs or bowel endometriosis? I really can't cope with it

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Very similar but not to the extreme. Just to give you a bit of reassurance, endromitriosis not on the bowel/bladder or an infection can also cause IBS symptons (personal experience) which is obviously a better outcome then endo on the bowel and bladder. I really struggled with the IBS side of it- didn't go out for a long time, got really depressed. Now trying to rebuild and get my confidence back going out and about since my lap.

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Hi there! Thank you for the reply aw bless you thank you for sharing, it's such a hard thing to deal with it really is iv had to run out of cladd and just not go in sometimes!! I hope it all goes well for you hun xx

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I completely understand how you feel. The low fodmap diet for IBS didn't work for me whatsoever. 10 days since my lap and so far so good.

All year I haven’t been able to eat much, get pains but normally an hour or so later. I can’t get away with not using laxatives. Had two ops this year, lap to confirm and treat some endo and hysterectomy, fibroids/ enlarged uterus, with rectovaginal end removed. During the year I’ve had various scans and nothing has shown for gastro side of any importance. I’ve lost over four stone, so frustrating that you can’t get help, fully understand where you are coming from. I sent a page of queries to gp surgeryyesterday, should hear tomorrow.

It’s exhausting, frustrating, but you do need answers. Keep pushing, if you haven’t had an MRI ask for a referral. Here if I can help. Take care 🙂

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Hello I am so sorry to hear you have been struggling... Me neither Its near impossible to go without medication unless it's been a week and then I suffer. For a day or 2... I'm so sorry to hear all you have been though and I hope you are managing OK, I hope they get back to you also! My lap is tomorrow, iv never had a MRI scan though!! Only many ultrasounds and none recently, thank you xx

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I’m sure you’ll be fine tomorrow, not nearly as bad as the imagination 🙂 let us know how you get on.

I have confirmed bowel endo and have very similar symptomshave you had lap yet or is it in a few days?

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Hello I have my lap tomorrow actually!!!! I really feel like it's not just ibs as it started soon as my severe periods started and gotten worse x

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I thought it was soon.....Write a little list of any last minute questions or concerns you have to take with you and you can discuss them with surgeon before op.

hope all goes well for you tomorrow will be thinking of you

let me know how you get on when your up to it


Hello! I thought I'd update you all, I had my lap it was with a general gyne and they used ablation which I wasn't too keen on, but they found deep endo on my pouch of Douglas and some more endometriosis on my uterus ligiements, I have been passing large blood clots from my bum I think this is because it was on my pouch of Douglas? I also had my merina removed, didnt expect the large puddle of blood! 😔😔 They said they had to move my uterus to get my coil out is that normal? Thanks loveliesxx

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Hi Glad to hear op all done with

Not sure on coil I've never had one

Hope things calm down soon though


Glad to hear you got through your op ok, hope the healing goes smoothly. I’ve just been diagnosed with endo, obliterated pouch of Douglas and immobile ovaries. I’ve have very similar symptoms to you with regards to feeling full after little amounts of food, pressure, pain and shakes, bowel issues etc but not so much the blood. I’m beginning to think my history of eating disorders (been in recovery for 2 yrs now) were tied into this feeling of fullness, being reliant on laxatives because of my bowel probs and acute pain. All starting to make sense now. Have any dietary changes helped eleviate pain when passing a stool? Sorry for the details but even on laxatives it feels like there’s a door thats shut, even if I’m desperate to go and it’s very loose stool. I shake, get nauseated, feel like I could pass out until this ‘door’ opens and then I go multiple times a day, I have to. It’s been like that for 10 yrs and drs, specialists have always said take fibre (big no no for me) IBS etc but I really believe it’s the endo. Is any of this similar to you? Can you update when you’re healing cuz I’d love to know how you’re doing and if it’s helped with your bowels. Take care and all the best.

Hello thank you, I am so3to hear how hard it has been for you, iv tried every diet or life style ever from cutting out everything people say triggers it all with zero change... I have no idea they told me it was mild but deep? I have no idea I honestly feel like they missed alot of it tbh.. I feel exactly the same!! I literally have tried everything so not really sure They keep saying ibs to me I don't think it is. I'm a little bit better with my bowels but it's still the same really 😔 I'm going to push for a mri because iv never had one and if I have deep endo it could be hiding. I hope it sorts out, I went straight onto a period after my lap I'm not sure if that is normal but it is a bit worrying as it's very heavy I also passed some large clots from my bum not sure why that was either, I hope you find some piece and something that helps you! Xx

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