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Best pain relief?

I've two questions really, firstly I'm still in the process of being diagnosed, been put on mefenemic acid, but it seems to work for the hour after I take it at meal times and then the rest of the day (and all night) I'm in pain, and was wondering what to ask my doctor to give me that works better for any of you.

Secondly, been reading a lot about the coil and had it suggested by my doctor but told him I don't want anything like that right now until I get diagnosed, don't want him thinking he can 'cure' me without getting a lap first to know for sure. Would anyone recommend this and do they usually put it in at the same time as lap? I've had both contraceptive pills and depo injection and both made my life hell.

Any other tips for dealing with all of this would be very much appreciated!

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Diclofenac, diclofenac suppositories, codeine, tramadol, dihydrocodeine, oramorph (though I always had to go to hospital for this and for IV morphine). Ondanzetron in case the codeine makes you sick.

With regards to the coil, I had one put in during my first lap but only kept it for 8 weeks as it wasn't the right thing at the time. If you're being offered one, I personally would take it. Treatment for endo is entirely about managing symptoms and surgery isn't a magic bullet. There's also an argument for reducing the number of surgeries you have if at all possible, and therefore if a coil bought you some time before you had to take that step, it could be helpful.


Wen I had my lap they gave me the coil ,


I have just moved from mef acid to Naproxen. Had the same sort of relief, for about an hour or so and then this one has helped a little more :)

I had the coil and it worked great for a year and then for some reason, I have had a second and it has stopped working. Can't really understand why.

I am currently having Zoladex injections which have actually allowed me to become pain free which is so ideal so I would ask about this after your lap :)


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