Hey I'm so happy this site is available!! I'm 28 I have endometriosis and PCOS i was admitted because of pain 3 weeks ago!! I have the Marina in about 3 years and they r talking about changing it!! I feel lost completely as the pain is unbearable!! I feel like the doctors don't care much!! I have had 3 laps done in the past and I'm at stage 3! The doctor mentioned he didn't want 2 do another lap in case they had to fit a bag, wot did he mean by this?? Im so down about all of this!


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Hi Arlene - he means that your endo is affecting your bowel which is common but this sort of surgery can be complex and should be dealt with by a specialist centre. What area of the UK do you live in?

Im from Northern Ireland. I have been really bad from 14 out I feel that the doctors talk down to me a lot and sometimes they make me feel like it's all in my head. I have to go back and see them again and I have a few questions for them I hope hey can sort me out!



Hi Arlene

Your choices are more limited there but you do have a centre in Londonderry. Your stage of endo really must be dealt with in such a centre. Click on my name and read my post on finding a specialist centre. The references to NHS Choices don't apply to you but the ESHRE guidelines do as these cover Europe and confirm that rectovaginal endo must be dealt with in a centre. Have a read of that and I should copy the relevant bits and take them to your GP. Have a look at my post on Pouch of Douglas endo too.x

Thank u so much I will have a look and hopefully get sorted x

Hi, I had extreme pain when I had the marina and eventually had this removed after 18 months. When the nurse tried to remove it this had grown into the side of me and become stuck. The doctor eventually removed this, and suggested that this may have been the cause of the pain.

I hope you get some answers soon,


Thanks so much I hope so to as I'm of work and I don't like being of!x

I know what you mean, being away from work is not nice but sometimes you have to. Take care,

Sarah 😊

Like yourself I was at my wits end. My husband and I decided to look for a Endo specialist and went private because it took so long to get an appointment on the NHS and when you did, never seemed to get any further forward.... Which meant more pain! My consultant is Mr Trehan, he is based in Halifax and London, I know it would mean travelling but its certainly been worth it for me, he is so understanding. Have a look on his website.

Thanks Clare I just have had enough they say things and don't explain why they have said it!x

Hi Arlene I'm in NI too I'm attending the Ulster hospital x

Hi Eliza1969 I'm just getting your message!! I paid 2 go private 2 c a specailist but he has put me on his NHS list 4 a lap!! How u finding the Ulster hospital xx

I'm due my op on Tuesday. They cancelled the first one was supposed to be 1 Dec so fingers crossed! I've to phone at 11am on Monday to see have they a bed. I'm getting a full abdominal hysterectomy as I have masses and bowel surgery! Hopefully I won't need stoma but they've told me I might x

I have been told the same about the stoma I hope u don't misses as if u don't have enough on ur plate!! Well I really hope u get surgery and it all goes in ur favour!! I'm still waiting on mine they said it may take up 2 18momths as I'm 4 the city hospital xx

Ty getting nervous now. That's a longtime to wait for the City hospital.... Hope it goes good for you too x

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