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The coil. I'm sceptical!

In January I was told that I needed emergency surgery because my organs were fused, 5 moths later I get my date for 22nd May. With 22 days to go I need to make my mind up about the coil. I initially said yes, but with having so much pain, I would have said yes to anything!

Has anyone had any experience with the coil? Good or bad? I would really like some advice so I can make an informed decision before the laparoscopy.


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It wasn't right for me but I know it helps lots of ladies with endo.

I had constant bleeding/spotting for the 8 months I had it. I also experienced mood changes, felt low and tearful. Also very angry and irritable.

But having said that I don't regret trying it because until you try you don't know if it would be great for you. If it doesn't suit you then it can be removed xxx


I got the mirena coil in July. I got a cancellation for surgery and was called at 11am one day to say surgery next morning. I didn't have much time to think. Gyne, next day said surgery was only short term fix whereas coil was longer term treatment.

I was so scared but my hubby said "why not try it and if it doesn't suit, get it taken back out", so I thought why not. I spotted for 2/3 months and then got a tablet as going on holiday and I haven't bled since. Unfortunately, my pain is now starting to come back but minimal to what it was.

I know it's different for everyone but it has been a total god send for me.


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