Bloating advice

I haven't had this for a few weeks after cutting out certain foods and starting supplements but this morning I have expanded all of a sudden! It's feels and looks horrid! I haven't ate anything different to usual , so not sure what has caused it.., might just be cycle related although I usually get this before my period not after. Anyway, anyone know if anything that can help? Xx

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Raspberry Leaf Tea and Tumeric tea helped me alot. I have the same as you, bloating one week before and during. A gynea recently said to me that bloating has nothing to do with endo or gynea related matters which I found hard to believe!

My belly swells up around ovulation as well as before and during periods. I'm quite small and thin so it's a big difference in size and wearing anything with a rigid waistband feels like torture. I just gave in and bought stretchy clothes that hide my waist to wear during those times of the month so I feel comfortable and look relatively normal even if I'm an odd shape underneath.

Peppermint tea or windeze tablets .. im also taking probiotics in tablets and ive gone from looking 9 months pregnant to almost normal again. Its not helped with the endo pain but it looks better. I looked like 1 of those malnurished children with skinny arms and legs and a huge pot belly.

Ooh forgot about windeze! Will try them and the tea. Have just started a probiotic so will stick with that too, thanks so much xxx

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