bloating and constipation

Just been out the house for the first time since Friday, after being to out of hours GP twice, and regular GP once this week I am still really struggling with the pains. My GP has referred me to a gyno for suspected endo after urinary tract and kidney scans came back clear before xmas. Has made no indication of when this could be or how long it could take, meanwhile the painkillers aren't touching anything and I've been left constipated, nauseous and so bloated I look pregnant. Someone help!

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  • For the constipation I've found that a really good probiotic - eg BioLife Acidophilus Complex and drinking lemon slices with hot water every morning first thing have eased my symptoms.

  • thank you for the tip I will definitely try that!

  • I was taking dihydracodine and tramadol which were easing the pain so I could manage everyday life. I found taking 2 senna at night and lactulose daily then drinking boiled water at night and in the morning helped me with both the bloating and constipation. Hope it helps.

  • I've been given cocodamol so far, plus stronger ibruprofen and some buscopan. I don't think they quite believe the severity of the pain as nothing is appearing to show on tests, I even had one of the out of hours GP's suggesting I was making it up! Meanwhile I had someone ask me at uni today if I was pregnant because I'm sooo bloated. Boiled water seems to be a common tip and I will definitely be trying that, thank you guys so much.

  • I know exactly how you are feeling, the doctors kept telling me I was constipated before being diagnosed. my medication def helped however everyone is different.

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