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Hurts to eat?


I find that my endo symptoms get worse after I've eaten, my stomach hurts quite a bit. I also find that when I'm on my period / bleeding I find that I'm going to the toilet ALL the time.

Haven't yet been diagnosed and was wondering if anyone else had similar symptoms what your diagnosis was / where your endo is?

My boyfriend suggested that a fuller stomach might just be putting more pressure on any cysts I might have.

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Yep I have the same my bowel symptoms are worse than womb ones:(

I've try FODMAP diet and endo diet strictly for a reasonable amount of time no real change really not had gluten for ages or alcohol try not to eat processed food i have always been vegetarian but nothing seems to help, just seems to be anything I eat really. Aloe Vera juice seems to help a little but still don't know what else to do. I have Adenomyosis and have had some mild endometriosis on the bowel and one little cyst .


I haven't even attempted to change my diet yet. But that's what's worrying me, because they don't know where it is yet I'm worried there's endo to do with my bowel, or even stomach :/


Adhesion's often bother the bowel have you had abdo ops in the past? I only have superficial endo on my bowel but massive amounts of pain , gyne explained it to me the other day (ive had a endometrial ablation that has cause awful side effects and problems) but basically my uterus is spasming with the pain which is making bowel and bladder spasm also ... well they think thats what causing pain anyway which makes sense, organs so crammed into pelvis and a problem with any organ can cause reactions with the others that sort of made me feel better as my bowel issues are awful and have been so worried.

Strict low FODMAP diet is a nightmare to do and not recommended to to alone without dietitian support but maybe try cutting out a few things that are 'high' FODMAP things basically things that digest in your large intestines can cause gas and bloating if gut a bit annoyed anyway, think I've explained that right ....endo brain :) :) It's not like you can never have those foods again just then you know if you do eat them you'll feel a bit rubbish, at least then if Dr goes could be IBS you can say you've tried some dietary changes and they help/ don't help???

Also magnesium tablet at bedtime or epsom salts bath can stop spasming or charcoal tablets stop the bloat a bit or peppermint tea or ginger seem to help .......and the classic hot water bottle :) :)

What do you find helps it do you have any handy hints ? continously going to the toilet drives me mad I end up just not eating :(


I've never had any operations at all!

I was thinking that like if something in the pelvis is contracting it's likely to make everything else do it too which would cause going to the toilet more often.

I haven't found anything that really helps sadly! As far as it hurting when I eat I just try not to eat in one go.

I actually stumbled upon endo by researching about the fact that I went to the toilet all the time, I had never heard of it before and all my symptoms added up. My doctor originally diagnosed me with stomach ulcers but it only acted up when I was also bleeding so I knew it had to be relayed somehow.

Those things are interesting though I'll definitely give them a go!

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