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Cyst caused by endometriosis?


Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this. I had endometriosis diagnosed through laparoscopy a few years ago and had ongoing pain until I had a hysterectomy. Everything has been great and pain free until the other day. I went to hospital and they thought my sudden pain was appendicitis because it was so bad. Turns out it wasn't but they found a small cyst near my bladder. They discharged me but I'm a bit confused why my pain would be so bad if it's just a cyst. Is it likely to be endometriosis again? I'm going for a transvaginal scan in a few weeks for more information but I'm guessing that endometriosis won't show up on that?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated!

Sylvia x

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Hi yes it could be endo. It can show up , it depends on the skill and experience of the sonographer. Good luck.


Thank you!


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