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Recovery from bowel excision

I had a hyst + BSO + excision 5 weeks ago, including excision of a rectovaginal nodule, and I am having terrible trouble with my bowels. I've gone from being chronically constipated before surgery to now having lots of cramping in my bowel and frequent bouts of diarrhoea and mucus, which has led to a flare up of internal hemorrhoids (which were caused by the constipation caused by the bleeping RV nodule in the first place).

I'm sure some of this is due to the fact that I had nearly 3 weeks on antibiotics because I had a post op infection, and I'm also taking iron (because I also had a massive bleed 2 weeks after the surgery) but it is getting me down a bit now and I'm starting to feel like my body hates me :/ I'm so tired and I'm so fed up of dealing with what feels like endless gross and embarrassing problems.

Has anyone who has had this sort of excision had similar issues and if so, was there anything you did that helped and how long did it last for?

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Hi joreilly

I think I can commiserate with you.

I am new to this and had the following procedure 3 weeks ago, it sounds similar: Total laparoscopic hysterectomy and bilateral salpingoophorectomy BSO and ureterolysis and division of rectovaginal adhesiolysis.

My lower bowel or rectum had fused and was separated and repaired. Not sure of the exact details as awaiting a follow up.

I've suffered from painful bowel movements and constipation for years, I now assume due to endo. Post surgery I'd not had a bowel movement in 6 days and had to help myself with suppositories and strong laxitives. One I the most traumatic days ever, I was concerned I would do myself an injury. I spent 5 hours in our bathroom in the most severe pain ever, faint and exhausted. Followed by 2 days of rushing to the loo as a result of days and days of back to back laxatives. One day I hope I'll laugh about it.

Since then every meal causes extreme gas and bloating and bowel movements are a white knuckle ride. I've had 2 courses of antibiotics in 3 weeks for bladder infections.

I am really sorry to hear you are still suffering and wish I had some positive news for you. I hope hearing someone understands exactly how you feel and wishes you well will help you feel that you are not alone.

Dare I say, it can only get better?

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I had similar problems in the first week, was sent home with movicol and despite taking it as instructed, didn't have a bowel movement until 5 days post op and spent the night in A&E on IV morphine because the pain was so bad.

Hopefully we'll come out of the other side of this soon.

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Huge hugs to both of you x x x Facing this prospect in a few months though without the H and BSO. X x x x


Bless you. What a mess this disease leaves us in. I had a failed hysterectomy (due to a frozen pelvis - everything fused was the excuse). Only had one ovary removed with an 11cm chocolate cyst. Rubbish female gynae discharged me, offering a range of meds I could take. 18 months later doubled up in pain, I had a bowel blockage due to endo. Rubbish hospital and consultant decided after 4 days with a tube up my nose, down my neck to my gut and giving me a sepository the blockage had gone (after they told me it would be a tricky op) My problem had them been with me for 10 days!!

The very next day I saw my GP, who said the blockage had not cleared (which I knew in my heart) and he booked me in at another hospital on a bank holiday for an emergency op.

I found the worst fear (after being told I may wake up with a stoma / bag) was actually eating and pooing! Scary stuff, as you don't want to undo what has been done inside - you have no idea when you are staring down at 40 staples what has been done!

Good luck with your healing. It does get better, and you do laugh. As at these times it is hard, and you feel like clobbering anyone that makes you feel like your gut is busting when you laugh xx


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