Chronic Fatigue

Hi all,

I am wondering how some of you cope with being tired all the time?

Im 21, work full time (5 days a week) I am up at 6am each morning and dont return home from London each night until 7pm, its almost impossible for me to get to bed earlier than 10pm, Im getting 7/8 hours sleep a night but I still feel drained like i haven't slept at all! I can barely keep my eyes open by the time it gets to 11am!

The weekends are the same if i didn't set alarms or had my other half waking me up i would sleep all day, I feel so boring because I dont want to do anything ever but I am constantly like a zombie!

Ive had blood tests done and they are all sufficient, do you have any tips or advise on how i can deal with feeling like this?

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  • Have you been diagnosed with endo? If so, unfortunately this is what the condition does. Try some herbal remedies and pick me ups in any case. If you've not been diagnosed with it, I suggest you push for an ultrasound and MRI. Hope u feel better soon xxx

  • Is there any chance you could be pregnant?? xxx

  • I have suspected endometriosis - in the process of diagnosis im waiting for a date for laparoscopy :( i dont understand how your expected to cope with feeling like this its bee bad for 4 years but the last year has just been awful.

    And in response to your comment below im on the pill so its unlikely that i would be pregnant plus ive felt like this for about 1/2 years, but I will take a test to be sure thank you xxxx

  • I'm exactly the same, the hours in my job make it impossible to have any sort of social life! I find taking women specific vitamins helped a lot, might be worth a go?! x

  • I feel so boring and I have cabin fever sitting in at home all the time but going out with my friends and staying up past 12pm makes me so ill for weeks! I do take vitamins and make green juices in my nutribullet at home so try and help with the bloating too. Its making me depressed because my friends/family just think im lazy!!! x

  • Yeah I feel you there! Might be worst seeing if you're intolerant to something perhaps?

  • Omega 3 has helped me a lot, it seems to reduce the inflammation from my endo. I take Vitabiotics Ultra Omega 3 and it definitely helps me xx

  • Ok great! maybe ill see if i can get some liquid form to add to my shakes, do you find it helps with bloated stomach?xx

  • Yes, very much so. It helps my tummy feel more comfortable, I feel less tired and my mood improves xxx

  • ok great! Thanks so much this sounds like a winner xxx

  • It's worked well for me and worth a try I think. The ones I would recommend are the Vitabiotics Ultra Omega 3 because they are a good concentration xx

  • Jeeez I could have written that! I'm exactly the same. I have stage 4 endo and currently going through ivf so at the minute I'm triple tired! But even without the ivf it's not uncommon for me to get home from work one day a week, usually a Wednesday and get into bed at 7.30 and not get up till the next morning. It's the only way I can try and recoup. I love being fit and healthy but Monday to Friday it feels impossible sometimes. We have 4 dogs that I love to pieces and we always take them for a massive walk after work for at least an hour. But then it's food, bed. I don't do anything in the week. Ever. I love walking my dogs and when I'm feeling okay it's amazing ❤ but on a Wednesday I literally just come in and go to bed and my partner has to do everything himself because I just can't. Then I try and split my week Monday, Tuesday then Thursday, Friday. I do feel like I'm 'wasting' my time but I sometimes just absolutely can't cope otherwise.

    Not sure if this will help?? sorry, hope you're okay xx

  • I'm glad you feel the same as me in a strange way lol my other half just thinks I'm lazy, I just want someone to explain to him what I'm actually going through, he is so supportive in every aspect of my life but he just can't get his head round the fact that endo could effect how tired I am etc.

    I'm waiting for lap so whatever they find hopefully he can be with me when they discuss why I'm feeling like this to him.

    Both our parents want us to have a child but I've already suffered a miscarrige and I just don't think I could go through ivf, I think it's amazing that your still trooperig through with work and everything! Xxx

  • Hi,

    I'm 24 and have only just been dignosed with endo. It took 10 years for this and I completely understand how tried you are. My other half is always telling me how I sleep so much and how I'm tried all the time.

    I take vitamins daily and try not to drink so much coffee or tea through the day which is hard when you feel it's the only thing that will keep you awake. Maybe changing your diet might help if your eating loads of breads or pasta this can also make you feel tried and sluggish. Vitamins have defiantly helped me I still feel tried but it's slightly more manageable.

    Making sure you don't sleep in on the weekends is good. You could also try little naps when your off work for like 20-30minutes that might help.

    I hope this can help. :)

  • Hey thanks for your advise, I eat pretty clean I don't eat bread,pasta, gulten or dairy! Mainly because I thought the reason why I'm feeling so tired was down to diet! I will try again with vitamins thanks!

    If I nap I find it super hard to get back up and my head feels foggy all day! :( xxx

  • That's good you keep on top of what you eat I really struggled with that because I am a very fussy with my food.

    The vitamins defiantly help me. There are many different ones you can try I just stick to the simple maulti vitamins. I used to nap a lot but I find it harder now but on the weekends I do find I need a little nap if I am going out for dinner or to see friends. A shower always helps me wake up after.

    I hope you feel better soon. X

  • Honestly, try 20 minute rests. Try not to fall asleep but set an alarm incase you do. And at 20 mins you won't feel as groggy as an hour + long nap. I have ME/CFS (although it might actually be the endo) and am housebound by it and this gives me way more energy to play without the throughout the day. I have four or five a day.

  • Ok thanks I will try this! Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Even though carbs may make you feel pretty sluggish and tired, you need them for energy! If youre on just a vegan/veg or meat and 2 veg diet then you will feel tired .. You are using albeit natural sugar, but sugar none the less (fruit and veg are packed with sugar). That causes burn out. You need everything in moderation. Good luck. Xx

  • That was what I was going to say. Be careful cutting so much out - my sister did this to try and help with her asthma and skin problems and she was exhausted and lost loads of weight (she's already thin). Sometimes carbs and diary are actually useful.

  • They do make you sluggish after eating them but starchy carbs, potatoes, rice, pasta ect provide a slow release energy. Ive overhauled my diet recently since moving in with my partner, eating what he eats, high protein, low starchy carbs but high veg and ive just realised his diet just doesnt suit me! Im thin too and need high calories/carbs so ive changed it again. My fella on the other hand piles weight on easily. We now have seperate meals 😂😂

  • Hi guys - I've had 4 operations for removal if endo , full hysterectomy so nothing left now . I decided to go and see a private doctor to have bloods re done due to years of fatigue !! Well what do you know I have underactive thyroid . I can honestly say to finally speak to someone who took time out to listern , she is also helping me with the vitamin issues and IBS /possible chronns , the list goes on . All I would like to add is if your not happy with your results keep looking untill you find someone who is willing to spend time to help not just because you are paying but because they generally want to help you get sorted . Best £300 I've ever spent x

  • This is a good spot. There are quite a few other illnesses that can cause fatigue and be treated fairly easily and it's so easy to overlook them when you have another condition. Get your b12 checked too. I had the reverse issue that my endo was ignored because of other conditions!

    Although just want to say - I think you're saying you had a hysterectomy and excision removal of all your endo elsewhere but i read it the first time as just the hysterectomy meant you were endo free and just wanted to point out that's not the case to anyone who reads it like me, it doesn't get rid of all the endo , as any endo growing elsewhere will still be causing havoc.

  • A hysterectomy 4 years was definitely not a cure for endo my ovaries removed this year . Only time will tell if my endo will come back .

  • No advice to give but can totally empathise with you! For years I just thought it was normal to feel this way, but then got diagnosed with endo and the doctor talked about tiredness and it all made sense! My friends have always commented on how much I sleep and how tired I always get, at least now I have a tangible reason for this. Due to have surgery at some point to get rid of endo and have hysterectomy to get rid of adenomyosis and fibroids and am hoping I will feel like a new person when it's all gone!!!

  • I was exactly the same when I was able to work. I have an ME/CFS diagnosis too but I've been wondering since my endo diagnosis how much of my fatigue is down to that (I'm stage 4). We will see after I get my excision surgery!

    But try not to be too hard on yourself. Your body needs to recoup and if you push it too hard it won't thank you for it. I know it's tough mentally just working and resting and nothing else. Hopefully you've got some kind of treatment on the horizon though?

    I personally tried to push through too much, and I kept it up for a fair few months before crashing and burning and haven't been able to work for five years now. Although again I have an ME/CFS diagnosis so may be extra factors at play!

  • this sound exactly like me. Timings for getting up for work and getting home(I live in London too) Its really hard. I feel like i'm falling asleep at my desk sometimes too. I had my blood tests done as well and all ok except vitamin d was a bit low so am on supplements. I haven't been diagnosed yet either I'm waiting for my first appointment with a gyne in a few weeks.

    I hope you can find something that helps you.


  • its so hard isnt it! If i find anything that helps i will let you know, good luck with gyne xx

  • Thank you. I will also pass on anything I come across xx

  • I have this, it's my worst endo symptom and today I had a reduced hours working adjustment agreed at work. I've been checked for everything and tried everything but nothing has made any difference to me.

    Tried to date

    Milk, meat, processed food, elimination

    Reduced gluten and soy

    Toiletry chemicals elimination

    Alcohol elimination



    Floradix iron

    Omega 3

    Addition of organic veg box

    Anti histamines



  • I get to Wednesday and feel done. I take floradix tonic to help iron levels. And apart from that I do rest when I can.

  • I found that going gluten free helped me loads with my energy. I also working out. I know it sounds a little crazy but it will help you sleep better and will give you a boost during the day. Even if it's just a few minutes a few times a week.

    I hope this helps xoxo

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