Fatigue and Endometriosis

Does anyone else suffer from extreme tiredness that may be linked to endo? I feel like im always bone tired, despite sleep, without having really done anything to be tired. For example ive just come back froma two week holiday where I basically did nothing but im exhausted. I feel like saying its the endo is an excuse and something that others dont understand

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  • When I have my period I'm so physically exhausted that I struggle to function. It's like tiredness I've never felt before. I don't know the science behind it, but it's certainly a big factor for me, sometimes even more of a problem than the pain x

  • Im due on at the weekend so feels linked. Thank you for your reply I thought it was just me making links that weren't there x

  • I know what you mean! I sometimes think I'm making links between my little niggles and endo and I'm just imagining it, but then I read a great article in the guardian (which I can't find the link to now sorry) which outlined all the things endo is linked to and it suddenly all made sense. I'm not going crazy after all! X

  • Think its worse this week having just come back from holiday as everyone expects me to be refreshed and raring to go and I can barely get up and get to work

  • You're doing well to go to work as today was supposed to be my first day back after Christmas and I've called in sick as I've got my period and can barely get out of bed to fill my hot water bottle. Hope you get through today quickly so you can get home and relax x

  • Hi, I've recently written about fatigue and endo on my blog. You're not imagining it, lots of women with endo suffer from fatigue as one of their symptoms so you're not alone. There's also a link on my blog to another site that details this further xx angelpiesite.wordpress.com

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