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Feeling frustrated and lost


I have had surgery and ablation for Endometriosis, and also have fibroids both inside and outside uterus. Have managed to control everything as much as possible on my own, but recently was put on Cerazette to medically manage things - worst thing I ever did. I managed ten weeks on it and had to take myself off due to agonising pain, constant bleeding, and depressive mood.

I went back to the hospital for a follow up, and was told fibroids have grown but are not worrying - even though I am sure they are contributing to the pain. They are insisting that I go on Provera tablet to stop my cycle, but I actually don't want to stop the cycle - I just want to manage what I have. I don't want to put hormones and drugs in to my body unless I know they will make a difference, yet I am constantly being told that there is no other option.

Can anyone advise regarding the Provera tablet? All I've read has been bad.

Also, I just feel like I'm being fobbed off constantly, and treated like all women with Endo go through the same thing and therefore we must all be treatable the same way. Am I alone in this? Xxx

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