Literally pain in my butt!!

Hello everyone,

Currently on my period and in horrible pain usual back swelling on stomach etc. But all today all through the night I've had excruciating pain at the bottom of my left butt cheek going down the back of my leg nearly to my knee. Does anyone else get this or recommend anything to relieve the pain?

It's dull achy with sharp stabbing pain I'm unable to climb the stairs it's that bad so anything to help will be a massive help to me




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15 Replies

  • I get this. Tramadol helps, have you given that a go? x

  • I haven't had tramadol before I thought you had to go to the doctors to get prescribed it can you buy it or am I being stupid?

  • You have to get tramadol prescribed hun, I also have this pain and was given gabapentin it's a nerve pain killer and it's does help ease it xxxx

  • Yeah you would need a prescription for that. xx

  • I have my operation scheduled for July so would my doctors prescribe me something like this for the pain? It gets me down so much when it happens constantly in a mood coz I can barely move 😕 X

  • Yeah of course Hun you shouldn't have to suffer from now till July so call asa the re open from Easter break ask them for pain relief good luck xxxx

  • I get a similar pain but mine is a deep hip pain and my bum goes numb which makes sitting uncomfortable. I bought ibuprofen gel for nights which has been helping and taking co-codamol throughout the day. Your doctor should be able to prescribe you something for pain. x

  • I also bought heat pads from home bargains two pack 99p come with a slender Velcro belt with two pockets for the pads brilliant as can be angled at back and hip area of the affected side and they do last the full 8 hours of not more that stated on box orange and white box they come in xxxx

  • Arnica massage oil too made by Weleda they have it in Holland and barrett and most health food shops it is brilliant for pain and swelling i rub it on lower back and stomach seems to help the hip and leg pain a bit :)

  • Hiya, just to let you know I had this a few weeks ago and it's called sciatica! The pain will go soon! When bending ensure that you squat ! Take care

  • I have had this pain for a long time. I was prescribed Gabapentin which worked but i had a bad reaction to it, so they gave me Pregabalin and that helped as well but i was had a reaction to that. These may work for you. The last few weeks i have been taking Turmeric capsules and my nerve pain has gone. I would recommend them to anyone to just try and see if it makes a difference, what works for one person may not for another person. Quite a few people suggested i should try​ warm milk with a teaspoon of Turmeric powder in it. I think it sounds awful but anything is worth a try. I've bought the Turmeric powder to give it a try when my Turmeric capsules run out to see if that works even better and it would be cheaper. Sometimes Amitriptyline antidepressant is used as pain relief for nerve pain. This didn't work for me but everyone is different, its just another suggestion. Hope this has been of some help to you. X

  • Sounds like sciatica? Go to the doc they might be able to help by referring to an chiropractor x

  • Hi I get this pain quite frequently as I have rectovaginal endometriosis, I find that putting a hot water between my legs or sitting up right on a electric blanket and taking cocodamol with ibuprofen works quite well. Also taking ibuprofen a day before I'm due to start my period helps ease the pain. I hope this helps :)


  • Thank you everyone for the comments I've been taking paracetamol and using a microwaveable owl to sit on to try and ease the pain. I'll be calling the doctors on Tuesday when they open again to see if I can get some higher pain relief the paracetamol doesn't do anything and I can't take ibuprofen because I'm asthmatic it interferes with my chest. Going to try the turmeric for sure I love cooking with it in curries etc anything is worth a shot! Thank you ladies xx

  • I get that. I have a constant dull ache in my back all the time, never goes away, just worsens at times. I also get pain in my right hip just before I ovulate thru til my period is done. The pain goes from my back and hip, wraps around the right side of my bum, down my thigh and deep into my groin. Endometriosis can cause pain like that of'd from endo on or around the sciatic nerve. If you are charting your symptoms, you may find a link in the timing. Good luck to you.

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