Endo is officially kicking my butt!

So I'm just having a general rant because I hate it when people rant about their illnesses all over social media - At least this way, everyone who sees it will know what I am talking about!

Currently feeling like Endo is kicking my butt - I am tired ALL the time - Don't have the energy to exercise - Want to eat crap food ALL the time which obviously isn't helping - I have a mouth full of ulcers which are killing me AND my ovaries are DOING that constant dull achey thing where it's not intense pain but they are just making sure you don't forget about them!

I am such a bubbly person and never let endo get me down however I just feel this morning like it's blown out my candle!!

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Hi, I really feel for you and feel I have been beaten also 😞. Currently sat on my couch with hot water bottle in severe pain after packets of Ibuprofen and paracetamol to no avail! Am here with you 😁

Doesn't it just suck! I have a really high pain threshold and I tend to just pretend like it's not getting to me and that my life is normal like everyone else - I suppose every now and again you just have to give in - I'm just not happy about it! Haha! xx

I've only discovered this forum today & it's such a comfort to know I'm not alone. I nodded in complete understanding when you mention your ovaries are making sure you don't forget about them! I too have this discomfort most of the time. I've learnt to listen to my body & rest when you need to. I hope you're back to your bubbly self soon x

It's a good forum! I don't use it very often however it is so comforting to know that there are other people going through the exact same thing! Sending hugs! X

Can I join your rant please! 😆

I too have a high pain threshold. But the being exhausted and feeling that constant ache is so draining, I hate it. Makes everything much harder than it should be, especially when you don’t want everyone at work knowing the ins and outs of your bits and bobs.


I know exactly what you mean! I use all of my energy trying to act like there's nothing wrong with me! Haha!


I have been following this forum for a good while now but this is the first time I have commented, because your post completely hits home! Fatigue is slapping me so hard atm I actually get really giddy when I have enough energy to do the housework! I get wiped out for about a week, in which time the housework goes to s**t, the washing and ironing builds up, my work builds up where I have been ploughing through brain fog and I as soon as it begins to subside I spend the next week at least catching up, by which time I am back to square one and bloody knackered!

Sorry to hijack, I just wanted you to know you have my complete sympathy. It can be so frustrating when you're usually a lively, bubbly thing.

Lots of love, wishing you back to normal very soon xxx

Don't apologize for hijacking - We all need a rant sometimes! It is infuriating isn't it - And then when you do feel energetic enough to get things done, it's built up so much that you can't get through it all! Haha! Love to you too! x

That's it, you've hit the nail right on the head there! x

I’m with you totally on this! I’m going through a pretty bad flare up at the mo. My life currently consists of going to work and coming home. I have zero energy to do anything else! It’s good to rant, especially to people who understand. My Husbabd Just thinks I’m being lazy, he doesn’t quite get it. Anyway, that’s my little rant! 😂🙈 Hope you’re feeling better soon.xx

Sounds like my life too! My husband is one of those 'motivator' people - Like he will just go on at me about how I should be doing all the things I would normally and it will make me feel better - He just doesn't understand that I can't physically do it! I know he's got my best interests at heart but jeez, I wish he'd just shut up every no and again! Haha! XX

Haha, Yep my Husband is the same. What makes it worse is he’s a full on Gym lover, he’s full of energy all of the time. I love going to the gym but just can’t do it at the minute. I’ll admit that I resent him a little, maybe im a bit jealous too that he’s got all this energy, and is doing all his usual stuff. I know it’s not his fault, these are my issues - I hate feeling like this. It would be nice if he just joined me one day in my “laziness” 🤗. Do you ever get any feelings like that?

We are exactly the same in our house! Kyle (the husband!) is all "go for a run or do a work out, it will make you feel so much better and then you'll be able to get on!" - No it won't Kyle, Right now the only thing that will make me feel better is a hot water bottle, a big cuddle and a snuggle under the blanket with some crap telly! Haha! I also hold a little resentment towards him and his energy! I also feel like I am a burden sometimes, The phrase 'There's always something wrong with you' comes out of his mouth a lot when I give him an excuse! I don't ask for it!! Haha!

Ohgod this made me cry, it is so good to hear others saying out loud what i have been struggling with for years! I can handle the pain, the discomfort, all the crappy operations, but the god damn fatigue.... many times I have wondered whether i actually have terminal stage cancer and not Endo (endo it is) for a person just should not be so worn out! Some days you just lie down, and even lifting your arm seems like a damn marathon. The most awful part is how it fucks you up - i am a social, bubbly, athletic Person as well, but now I just barely work and then rest alone with zero energy. My BF is also the same : ”come on honey there is always something wrong with you, just lift your lazy butt and let’s go out”. He tries to be understanding, but the result is me feeling just super shitty about myself. Like a burden, so tired trying to explain anything, I have even thought about leaving him just so I wouldn’t slow him down, and so i wouldn’t have to explain all the time anymore. Yesterday I actually caught myself crying in the bathtub, just out of pure exaustion. The mind is a powerful thing, i am trying to find a way to somehow turn all this positive to get my personality back. Luckily, like you, i am a tough mofo, and will lift my exausted butt every time this piece of shit illness kicks me down. Good luck to you all xx

Sorry to also hijack but some of you lovely ladies and your comments don't half hit home. I feel I have a pretty high pain threshold but the tiredness is sometimes just to much. If I have something extra on like for example my daughter had a gymnastics comp on Sunday which I had to stay at all day, sitting on the worse school benches which cause my back to well and truly hate me, I knew id be even more exhausted after it and it feels like it takes weeks to get back to just being tired rather than completely exhausted. Makes me so sad that I should enjoy this time with the kids and I do but I also know the effect it will have. some days even some weeks my pain isn't so bad some days/weeks its constant. I don't know if that's normal. but I know feeling this tired all the time isn't normal.

Its nice to know that we're not alone xxx

Hey, I haven’t been diagnosed but I have all the same things your going through rn. I’m in agony at home from the painful cramps and heavy bleeding etc and just want to eat crap food even though I’m bloated and look pregnant.

I understand what your going through but stay strong and just rest as much as you can xx

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