Anyone else feel like they're going mad?

There is a limited knowledge about hormones and how imbalances might either be causing Endo or are caused by Endo, but does anyone else suffer extreme irritability - one minute feeling happy and the next wanting to pull your hair out?

For me this often coincides with my time of ovulation and pelvic pain, and pain having bowel movements and sex etc, but sometimes it feels like I am yo-yoing more than I am stable. This is hard on my husband who is a saint, and I always feel guilty but don't know what to do.

It makes me feel extremely unsociable and lacking in confidence when I have an episode of anxiety, and, since having major surgery 2 years ago to diagnose and remove the advanced endo, it has become the most debilitating part of living with the condition. My consultant has prescribed 10mg of Provera - 1 tablet per night and although this has done wonders for my pelvic pain, I am left with pretty much all the other symptoms. Hearing about similar experiences would help!

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  • Yes, this is exactly like me since I've had my Mirena! I'm having it removed (thank goodness) on Thursday. I don't think I could cope any longer with it, I feel like it's changed me so much emotionally. I think endo is tough enough to deal with without the emotional rollercoaster too! 🎢 😮😳🙃🙂😤😡 xxx

  • Yes! I have terrible moods exactly the same as you describe around the time of ovulation pain and then the day before period. I just have some me time around then and make a little den in the bedroom and tell people I am unplugging until further notice. It works quite well as before I would just try to carry on and would end up arguing with a lot of people. I suppose easier for me as I am self employed. I did mention it to the Drs before but they just offered me antidepressants....

  • My moods are all over the place, this condition has ruined my life as all the different hormones I keep getting put on just mess with my emotions

  • I read an article in a very scientific book about endo which said that high levels of a substance called IL-6 were found in women with endo. So I then looked up information about it. It seems to be the body's response to inflammation, (so it may be that it is responding the the endo tissue), it is also found in high levels in people with manic depression (bi-polar) and schizophrenia. It affects the connectivity between the neurons in your brain. Which essentially means that you can't think straight, you can't join up your thought process in ways that should be joined and join things that shouldn't (irrational thoughts, moods changing dramatically etc.)

    So basically it is like it is a bit like getting your drink spiked except that you body is doing the spiking to itself. The reproductive type hormones won't help the situation either.

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