Help! Zoladex 2 weeks ago after period but bleeding started now. Why??

It's already 3 AM and I am struggling to sleep. My body's really not agreeing with what I want to do. I started bleeding last night and I'm not supposed to because of the Zoladex, right? Although on top of the antidepressants, antibiotics and corticosteroids I'm on, I won't be surprised if it's normal for my body to be this confused.

What's happening to me?

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  • Zoladex suppresses the body from producing hormones, and also plunged you into a temporary menopause. Keep in mind menopause normally happens over a time frame of a few years while your getting the whole thing in like a day or two from Zoladex.

    When people go through menopause they have irregular bleeding as a symptom, due to the change of hormones. Hormones cause you to produce the wombs lining then the drop in them causes you to shed it again each cycle, on Zoladex your hormones are dropping really low so your probably bleeding b/c of that.

    I had spotting happen the 2nd week of my pill and then it went away after a few days.

    I hope the bleeding stops soonXx

  • I just worry because from what I understood was that it was supposed to settle things inside. Instead I wake up to cramps at 3am and pass large clots when I went for pee. Tiny spot of blood on pad but horrendous big clots in the toilet. I'm just really fed up of this hostile uterus. ;(

  • I agree completely my gyn said on this pill I'm on I won't have any pain but it's turned into pain 24-7 that my high dose Naproxen doesn't help.

    My first bc was Marvelon, I lasted a week and my dr said that it would help me (I hadn't seen a gyn yet & they thought it was a hormonal imbalance) I had 3 periods, 4 days apart, after stopping and with each one I had more and more pain, I even developed a kidney stone which the dr's thought was an infection but I later passed it.

    I think birth control is like a bandage for endo, it doesn't treat it but it should help but if it doesn't then the dr's are able to know they need to do something.

  • I agree with you doctors do need to do something this illness is a nightmare. I have tried all sorts of medications and simply doesn't help, nothing helps the pain! I have stopped taking most of the medicine, I am only taking pain killer. The psychological effect we all going through is unbearable :( . Someone need to do something x

  • I'm still waiting to convince my gyn for a lap but she thinks I'm 'too young' or 'not till you want kids' I'm 17 & this disease really does make you fed up. I'm missing school b/c of it & im getting in trouble b/c they haven't done dignoisis but they says it's nothing else but endo so I'm stuck in a rut.

    Plus my school counsellor tried to convince me medications have side effects and I told her off about how I need to take 550 naproxen with 2 tyelonls and birth control and that's the only reason I'm not fainting and my pains at a 7 on them still.

    I get angry about being sick but I think I should be angry at the dr's who dont want to do anything.

  • It's quite frustrating to not be in control with how you want things done. But maybe she is right in saying you are too young? Maybe she wants to go the pill route first to see whether it's just a hormonal phase you're going through being a teenager and all? Surgery isn't always the answer either, I had to commit to the decision to have one as I've been told the more surgeries you have, the more adhesions you get. I opted for surgery because I wanted to get pregnant 5 years ago and surgery was the way to go, not birth control.

    Keep at it with your gynae though. The more you understand the reasons of treating you the way it's going, the less frustrated you will be x

  • No it can't be I bled when I was 8/9 and it takes 5 years for the hormones to actually balance out, I'm completely developed, my hormones and thyroid are all perfectly fine. And I was missdignosed with IBS for 2 weeks every month, acid reflux from pain, appendicitis from pain. And every birth control I'm on results in constipation & kidney stones, or kidney infections, and just recently BV. I've been told numerous times it isn't my period, I've had pain everyday from age 15, heavy bleeding at 16, and my last period in July resulted in turning my bath water pink with clots and bleeding from my bum while I had a tampon in. And the last 3 before that I kept getting nose bleeds and migraines, I had an MRI of my head and I have a growth of something in my nose. Plus I also experienced coughing and chest pain and on my periods I wasbt been able to sing the same notes as off it, like I have an amazing vocal range according to my instructors but I quit b/c during my period I epi do faint from singing and trying to hit the highest note from Phantom of the Opera would result in hitting a embarrassing note that cracked. I've had X-rays, blood work, ultrasounds, a breathing machine performed (more air taken in then a 6'4 male) so I should be in perfect health but this illness is invisible and that's the issue, it can only be found through lap.

    The gyn said herself that it's too dangerous for me to have another period b/c of endo and yet she won't do the lap.

  • Oh dear. That's a lot to take in! Frustrated is an understatement.Sorry to hear you are suffering. You sound like a strong person though so hang in there. Looking forward to your updates and progression with everything x

  • You too, this disease is really frustrating, I wish they treated it sooner then later, but I heard their looking for a cure now that they think they found a cause in lipids in the blood.

  • Oh My darling yes you are too young! Is so sad to hear that you have not been diagnosed just yet, you should push your doc to do the lap that's the only way to find out what you really have. I have been through three different operations the last one helped for 8 months and the pain came back again. They won't be able to operate unless I am 100% sure I don't want more kids as the laparoscopy might affect the scar tissue in the uterus and I might get infertility. Maybe that's the train why they don't want to perform lap on you. because they have to be extra careful.

  • Im trying to push but the gyn keeps refusing and I'm waiting for a referral on Halloween to an endo speacilist, who an urgent care dr reffered me to while my pediatrictian was away.

  • I used to be on bc pills and had breakthrough bleeding for 6 months which was why I stopped using it. My partner made a point today though that because I stopped the pills, the endometriosis got worse which is why I have it stuck to my bowels now. Therefore I should've stuck to the pills and carried on with it until the symptoms are bad again. But like you, I believe BC pills and pain killers are not the ultimate fix to endometriosis.

    Hopefully I'll have more answers after the surgery. Fingers crossed x

  • I hope so too Xx

  • Hi it can take a good few weeks for things to settle down. At the moment your body is fighting back and producing extra hormones before finally giving up. It should settle down in the next few weeks.

    Are you on the monthly or three monthly injections?

  • Monthly injections. Apparently I need at least 2 before they book me for a rectovaginal surgery.

  • It can take up to three injections before getting any benefit from them.

    When I had mine the first month was hell but by the second injection things had settled and pain had reduced considerably. I started my period the day of my first one and that was the last. Everyone is different and zoladex doesn't work for everyone.

    I do wonder why they have you on it if you are only having two, as it won't have much of a chance to help you.

    I hope you do get some relief and that things settle down quickly for you.

    Hope surgery goes well.

  • The endo nurse said have at least 2 before they can book me for surgery, just to give it a chance to work. I just didn't expect to be bleeding whilst on it which is causing me a lot of anxiety already. Thanks for that Jean X don't have a surgery date yet so chances are there might be a 3rd injection before they actually book a date.

  • Just done a bit of reading on why I'm only on 2 doses X

    Copied from

    " The length of your treatment with Zoladex will depend on what you are having it for:

    To treat uterine fibroids, you should only have Zoladex for up to three months.

    To treat endometriosis, you should only have Zoladex for up to six months.

    To make the lining of your uterus thinner before an operation on your womb, you should only have Zoladex for one or two months (four or eight weeks). "

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