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Menstrual cycle length following surgery

Hi all, first ever post so please bare with me. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis last year and have since had six months of zoladex injections and open surgery to reconstruct my ovaries and remove as much endo as possible, we were told by my surgeon that if we wanted to have a baby we needed to begin trying ASAP. I have since waited for the injections to be out of my system and for my periods to return before me and my partner have begun trying to conceive. My first period arrived on the 28th day and lasted 5 days but the last two months have arrived on day 31 and 32 and lasted seven days. This month has been a little different as I was due two weeks ago but nothing has arrived yet, I haven't really had any signs of period or pregnancy and I do not want to do a test yet as I have done one the last two months and ended up very disappointed. I was just wondering if others have irregular period cycles and if so how do you know when you are ovulating? Before the Zoladex injections my periods were always on the 28th day which is why I am confused. TIA :-)

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hi. How you feeling today? I'm afraid I have no experience of the injections or the side affects but my cycle has gone awall with its timings some months it's 23days and others it's 43 it really messes with your head when your trying to convince. For me I would have to test to as we've been trying for so long id prefer to now it was just late but I completely understand the disappointment you feel when its negative. For ovulation I've used the tester stick things but it before we knew about the endometriosis and I think I've read somewhere it can affect them. Do you get any pain or uncomfortable feelings during your cycle? For me I get a nagging type pain and almost period type pain during ovulation so I can pinpoint it.have they done blood tests to check you are ovulating?

do you get much pain from your endometriosis since your op?

hope you can enjoy the Easter weekend. Xx


Hi thank you for your comment it was nice to read something from someone else who is going through something similar. I am feeling okay still no period as yet but stomach ache and pain in my side so I feel like it is coming.

I don't normally get much pain from the endometriosis only the odd stitch like pain in my side but then again before my op I never really had pain anyway. I had no clue I had any sort of condition as I have always had heavy periods and I would always vomit when on my period but I have always just thought it was normal. The only reason I found out was because my cysts on my ovaries burst and I haemorrhaged twice, the hospital sent me home with constipation and it was only when I went private that I was diagnosed. So it's literally been a whirlwind for me, I was taken ill in March, diagnosed in June, had open surgery in August and finished my injections in November. I had no clue what endometriosis was and still now I'm finding it hard to find advice, support etc that's why I am glad I have found this page.

Sorry to be nosey but how long have you been trying to conceive for??

Hope you enjoy your holiday too ☺



hi. Did you have surgery at bsge centre? I have spent hours reading everything and anything I could find on it as like you it was a bolt out of the blue and was awfully stressful both physically and emotionally ( it's a long story!!)

we've been trying since Jan 2012. We do have a nearly 6 year old and knowing what we do we feel very blessed to of easily convinced her. I've had 3 early miscarriages in that but that's no surprise with the mess that my insides are in. We only found out in September 16 about the endometriosis, I've got 4 chocolate cysts and I'm waiting on surgery to remove them and try to free everything up. The surgeon seems positive and was discussing ivf options but we're not sure we cope with it any time soon as all this has pushed us to the limit and my body has been through so much but we may change our minds.

it's hard to find support, my family are amazing and my husband has kept me more positive than I thought possible but they still don't understand how it feels and I've found having people to talk to that are going through it a huge help.

I look most days what's being discussed so if you want a chat I'm lurking!!



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