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Menstrual cycle after Prostap


Hi ladies, just wondering based on your own experiences how long after stopping Prostap before your periods started again?

Thanks, hope you all well x

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Hi, it was 6 months for me so dont worry if it takes time x

Thanks for your reply. Take care x

I had the Prostap 3 on 12th October and got a period that lasted just 30 hours at the end of April. My May period was relatively light and this month it was back to a normal period.

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Thanks for your reply. Did you have pain before Prostap, did Prostap help pain, did pain come back, and if so how long after stop Prostap?

My 6th and last injection will run out towards end of July and my op won't be until mid August time so was just trying to see what I might expect.

Take care x

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Hi Sarah,

I had a lot of pain and was stuck at home in bed for the majority of the time and Prostap did not really help my pain. Maybe a tiny bit so that i maybe had a few days I could get out but not really.

I had surgery in December (TPE, excision of deep infiltrating recto vaginal endo, bowel and bladder, nodules excised and dhesions removed and organs separated as I had frozen pelvis) I had a terrible recovery and not a huge amount of relief over the following months. My surgeon says it is nerve damage but I am seeking a second opinion. I'm now 6 months post surgery and think the Prostap has def worn off as any minimal benefit I had from it has gone and I feel the same as pre surgery since my cycle has started properly.

My story is very different to yours so someone else may advise better. Did you get relief from Prostap?


Hi sarah I'm New to this community but I have been on the fibromyalgia community for a while, I went to the hospital yesterday for a pelvic scan and was horrfied when the told me I have a cysts going on my ovarie and that I may have possible endromitosos I have to have more test they said and they will write to my doctor who will then call me into chat about it I must admit I'm a bit worried about all this, but I new something wasn't right with me, if they wasn't sure I guess they wouldn't of said anything until they wax sure so in a way I guess they must of new wot they was looking at on the scan, hope all thst makes sense as my head is all over the place at the moment. Thank you x

Hi, they can tell quite a bit from a scan. I too have cystic structures and from an ultrasound and an MRI they are pretty sure the left one is a hydrosalpinx (blocked Fallopian tube) and maybe 1 of the ones on the right is also. I would have the tests but then if they think it is endo then look at posts on here by a lady called Lindle on how to get referred to a bsge centre as they are specialists in treating endo and that is the best place for treatment. It is worrying but how I look at it is that at least I am getting some answers as to what is causing my pain etc.

Take care and hope you get some more answers soon x

Thankyou for your reply it just took me by surprise yesterday that was all, I appreciate u replying to me. U take care also x

I had my last injection on 12th Jan and had come on by 22nd Feb. This seemed to surprise my doctor! I think it's different for everyone but think it's normal for it to take several months x

Thanks for your reply. That does seem quite quick from what I've been reading. Take care x

Was 11 months for me. Took a long time but I was on it for five years. I'm just glad they came back. X

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