Surgery or wait for ivf

So I have had my appointment with fertility specialist and have been given 2 options 1 have major surgery to try and remove endo from the bowel which is very severe. I have been told this will not increase my chance of fertility. Option 2 try to get my bmi till the NHS criteria of 30 have already gone from 36 to 33. But if my hormone level is not to NHS criteria I will be refused by nhs . I am so confused help and advice would be much appreciated

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  • I was in exactly the same position and opted for surgery first. Endo creates inflammation which can effect an embryo and inhibit pregnancy, so to give our expected IVF the best shot I had it excised in November.

    At that point I'd lost over two stone to get my BMI down and with the weight I lost after surgery it was only a matter of weeks before we got on to the IVF waiting list.

    I can't say the op has done much to improve my pain (I suspect I've got adenomyosis too) but hopefully it'll give us a better chance at getting pregnant.

    Best of luck. X

  • Thanks for replying I will be having the surgery fingers and toes crossed . I wish you every success in becoming pregnant 🙂

  • I too was in same situation and was clearly advised that there are better results after surgery. Unfortunately it didn't work for us.

    Good luck cx

  • Thanks for replying I am sorry to hear surgery didn't work for you. I will be going down the road with surgery

  • Good luck x

  • I had/have severe endo with bowel involvement, left tube removed December 2014 then excision surgery December 2015. My left ovary was wrapped up in my bowel, uterus was stuck to the bowel, lots of adhesions... very very messy! I am going through my second round of ivf but I would definitely decide to go for surgery first, it has improved my pain so much, I felt like a different person once I had recovered! Best of luck to you whatever you decide xxxx

  • Thanks for replying after careful consideration I will be taking the option of surgery

  • I would also advise the surgery first! I know it might seam like you are making the wait to have a baby longer, but I think it is the more secure rout. Giving you the better chance of falling pregnant on the first round of IVF. I wish you the best of luck whichever route you choose.

  • Thanks so much for your advise I think I will be definitely seeking surgeries🙂

  • Hi I would say go for surgery not ideal but I'm adamant that I would never have conceived if I hadn't had surgery we tried for 5years for our second child and the consultant gave me 6months to conceive or they were putting me in a medically induced menopause I had my surgery on 4th July 2011 and had a baby boy June the following year. Same happened with my first I had started talking to the doctors about having a baby I had surgery 13th Jan 2006 and had a baby in June the following year. I'm not saying it works for everyone but I honestly feel had I not had those two lots of surgery I wouldn't be as lucky as I am having my two boys. I think the short relief of pain and feeling normal for a bit helps and I lost some weight after both my surgeries as I was able to be more active because I was pain free. Good luck and I hope you get your wish of one day becoming a mom xx

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