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Need advice - feeling lost post op

Hi ladies,

I had a lap at the end of January and the fitting of the mirena coil and have been in pain ever since.

I have had an ultrasound to make sure the coil is still in place which it is.

My options now are have the implant inserted to control pain and have it changed every year (because of previous side effects) or have the GnRH injections monthly.

Please can you let me know your experiences - both of these are to be taken alongside the coil.


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Sorry you're in pain after your lap. I was in a similar position following my lap in Nov with mirena insertion. I was offered Prostap injections but told I would have to have the Mirena removed to have these. I had thought based on the advice of a previous doctor that I would be able to keep the Mirena, but my consultant insisted. I had the injection last Wednesday, no side effects so far, but better still got my Mirena out on Tuesday and my stomach cramping/pain was gone over night. I feel much better. Not sure if it's the injection, Mirena out, or combination but I'm starting to feel a little hopeful for the next few months. Good luck with whatever you decide, but do ensure to clarify the position regarding the injections and the coil as different doctors seem to have different ideas!


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