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A poem about endo

I have found writing a source to helping with the issues I am experiencing because of this condition so thought that this may be helpful to other sufferers to see they are not alone.


Oh won’t you please go away

I don’t want you to stay

You completely exhaust me

I wish I could flee

I’ve tried everything to silence you

But the more I do

Seems only to enhance

Those days I pass in a trance

Please let me be

Won’t you let me be free

The days I most dread

Are the days when you spread

You creep and you crawl

Like ivy up a wall

Wrapping around and constricting

In a vice tightly gripping

Like a snake you squeeze tight

I don’t have the strength to take flight

I beg you please stop

Much more and I will drop

You’re everywhere these days

I function by in a haze

What more can I do

To try to muffle you

Tablets won’t stop it

Only the chemists do profit

I really have to try

To not show how I cry

So many tears

Over the years

I dread to think

How you haven’t made me sink

There are days when I grin

To try and show you won’t win

But those days grow less

Because of you and the stress

When I was younger I was bolder

Now I just look older

I do know your ploy

To drain all my joy

All you do is take

You leave me broken in your wake

I’m fading away

More and more each day

Oh please master pain

Won’t you refrain

I feel you inside of me

Controlling my body

I am trying to fight

To make myself alright

So won’t you give me a clue

Let me know when you’re through

Are you going to leave me only a shell

Stuck in my own painful hell

It’s been a decade or more

Since you knocked on my door

You the invisible condition

Missed time and again because you were hidden

Even your name is a pain

So we just call you Ed

Ed I hate you and wish you were dead.

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I love this. Sadly, too true. Well done.

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Thank you. I wanted to share as it is all too easy to think we are alone. X


Very powerful, brought a tear to my eye. Thank you xx

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I'm glad you liked it just happy to share with others like me. We are not alone xx

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