Laparoscopy Surgery

Hi all,

A date for my operation has finally come through to help with my End.

The date of the op is 20 days before I am due to go on holiday abroad and I wanted to try and get feedback from anyone who may have travelled after their op and also how they managed on holiday with doing normal holiday things?

I think I am concerned about the healing etc.


Becky x

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  • It's hard to say how extensive is your surgery likely to be? I wasn't fully recovered for around 6 weeks, but by theee weeks I would of been ok to lay around a pool all day, in fact it would've been lovely :)

  • Hi Becky,

    I agree with tmc182 everyone's recovery is different. I have had 2 laparoscopys now and was back at work after a week but was still taking it easy and I have 2 friends who had 2-3 weeks to recover before they went back. A holiday is probably the best thing for you aslong as you are not carrying big suitcases around and it is a relaxing one. XX

  • Remember to check that your travel insurance will cover you too xx

  • Thank you Ladies! I guess I will have to see. I've arranged for travel insurance and added in the endo too :) x

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