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Mirena Coil Moved?! After Surgery Help


I just came out of hospital yesterday after having an extensive laparoscopy on my bowel, but during the surgery I had a Mirena Coil fitted to then help with the general pain afterwards.

Obviously I am very sore as I have 6 wounds in my stomach, but today I have been getting a sharp / scratchy feeling up, what feels like, where the coil was fitted. Is this a normal feeling after having one inserted, or could it be surgery pains? Also when I got my urine catheter taken out in hospital, the nurse didnt have a very caring touch. Could that be what the pain is?

Any help would be appreciated, just a bit concerned.

Thank you

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You can check for the strings of your coil maybe in the shower, but def give your hands a wash first don't want to risk infection so soon after surgery. You should feel the strings poking out of your cervix, it's so new they wouldn't have had time to curl under yet. If you feel hard plastic your coil has dislodged and you need to go to your GP it will prob need removing. You're most likely still tender from your op and nothing to worry about but checking the strings is an easy way to put your mind at rest. If your still in the hospital a nurse might have a look for you if they know how it's just like when a nurse looks at your cervix during a smear using a speculum. Hope your recovery goes well.


Thank you for replying to my post. I was so nervous when I posted it. I ended up in A&E and stayed in hospital for 4 days after my release. Thank you again, hope you are well :) x


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