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Struggling with food


Does anyone else have like a gluten and dairy intolerance and have endo?

I can’t eat anything without getting heartburn and idk if this could be linked to endo or not? It’s only started the last few months or so and it’s really annoying as I can’t enjoy food without suffering with heartburn

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Hi princessk09

I suffer with this quite badly and mine too has only come on recently. Where is your endo if you don’t mind me asking?

Mine is on my bowel and I suffer terribly with certain foods. I now don’t tough dairy and everything is lacto free it took me a long time to realise this but I don’t ever deprive myself if I want something with dairy then I consider whether it’s worth the symptoms after!

I always carry rennies and find that they help. I also now get bad acid reflux when I drink. This damn disease literally takes all the fun bits of our lives!

Hope this helps!

Hey, I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I have a lot of the symptoms of endo.

Everything I eat gives me heartburn and alcohol is the worse so I can’t drink now only on special occasions 🙄. Dairy and gluten sets it off the most as I ate some bread today and now I’m suffering with heartburn.

I go through rennies so quickly haha.

I’m thinking of just trying a smoothie diet and eat one meal a day as I’m really struggling with the pain of heartburn after every meal

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Hi was just reading your comment and I get really bad reflux when I drink alcohol with emeprozole and rennies having no effect what so ever!! Is this a sign of bowel endo??

I’m waiting for my laperoscopy and hysteroscopy appointment, I really think I have endo and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS.

could u please tell me some of your other symptoms?? This is the first time I have seen somebody comment saying they get reflux when they drink and I’m kind of relieved it’s not an anomalous symptom!

Thanks 🤗🤗

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Hi Abi16 I’m not an expert so it’s difficult to say but here are my symptoms for comparison:


Constant nausea (I’m rarely sick but carry a plastic bag with me at all times!)

Severe bloating (pain alongside)

Pain when sitting down when ovulating

Pain after eating certain food

Either constipated or need the loo regularly

Blood in stools

Abdominal pain (worse when ovulating or having period)

Low mood (due to all of the above)

Anxiety and self esteem issues

It’s a tough old slog! Best advice is to see a dr who will get things moving. Don’t take no for answer, you know your body better than anyone and you know when things just aren’t right. Most drs are ill educated in these things and will put it down to ibs. It’s important we all persist and make endo known. I’ve just read that 176 million people worldwide suffer, that’s the size of the eight largest country in the world! I can’t understand why more isn’t being done about it!

Good luck and keep us updated on your journey xx


I cut out dairy and gluten and it helped a bit but the pain has come back recently so I'm going for a Lap on Friday to see what's going on!

I developed GERD after my surgery. It can be caused by bloating which increases pressure on the oesophageal sphincter.

Dairy and Gluten are both quite inflammatory so contribute to bloating.

There is a clinical trial where Endo sufferers eliminated gluten from their diet and experienced a reduction in their symptoms

It contains a substance called zonin which makes the gut more permeable and this can it appears contribute to auto immune issues

Painkillers particulary NSAIDs also can damage the stomach lining and trigger GERD.

Stress is also a significant cause factor contributor to GERD.

I am trying a fodmap diet that is gluten free and low sugar (feeds bad bacteria), also taking probiotics to try to boost good bacteria

Hi. I’m gluten, wheat, yeast, egg and cows milk intolerant. Been off them since February but still not noticed any change in symptoms. I got heartburn and indigestion a lot, even drinking water. I found the meds we’re making it and other symptoms far worse. Progesterone pill, the hrt and zolodex. I’m off it all now but still struggle some and don’t get me started on the bloating. X

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Im off all this food to, been 8 months for me.

I do take peppermint

Oil capsules to before eat. Plus a digestive enzyme and a good probiotic... it really helps ur body and the inflammation u carry.

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Doing all that too but still hoping for improvement

Yes it appears so. I am, gluten, gluten effects from pips in tomatoes and fruit, lactose, mushrooms, soya cos of its oestrogen effect, bananas cos of histamine inflammation, oats. I took propump inhibitors for 4 yrs at that point I couldn't eat oranges. I also since taking steroids longterm for endo developed pancreatic issues. I now can not take any form of steroid for any illnesses. Food enzymes maybe helpful but firstly cutting out gluten, lactose and any hard sat fats cos there hard to digest. Eat plain food. Don't expect a quick fix as the glut takes time to heal. Take fennel tea, peppermint/oil . Sleep with several pillows. Drink water not coffee. It you burp a lot JUST a couple of mouth fulls of Pepsi or bicarbonate soda may change the stomach to stop the burps. I am not suggesting you drink these.

Hope this info helps you take control of your symptoms.


I have had bad periods all my life ( am now 43) and about 2 years ago the pain got ridiculous, lay on floor crying cannot move pain. Fainting.

I noticed about same time i started getting trapped wind and indigestion. So i went to see a alergist / nutrionalist. I was told to give up gluten and dairy for 6 weeks and see how i went...

Oh my god! I was dubious... thought it was faddy but i have never felt better , it is now 8 months down line i have been totally gluten and dairy free and not only has it helped my ibs problems it has helped my period problems, it halved the pain, i can cope and get on with life, dont get me wrong it still period paint but just normal not im dying!!!

I went back to specialist and he said it coz all the food i was eating was inflammatory foods so it was just adding to pain and also bloating food(anything gluten or yeast is bloating food) .

I have lost 2 stone, added bonus!! I literally would never go back to eating that crap food now... not if u paid me...

Some tips...

Take a peppermint capsule before u eat

Take a good probiotic

Take a good digestive enzyme

Healthy gut=healthy body

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