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Still pain after lap-questions to ask consultant

Hi all

I hope your having a pain free day.

I had a lap for endo 6 weeks ago. The pain is no better than before the operation. I have good days and bad days (it feels like mainly bad!) I have been on morphine but have dropped this to try and return to work. I can't sleep at night because of the pain (i cant lay down due to pain), and carry around a hot water bottle or wear heat patches and am on painkillers and naproxen.

I have my post op meeting with my consultant later this week. Can anyone suggest any questions so i don't get fobbed off and get some useful advice/ follow up?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, do you mind if I ask where you were treated? I'm in the same position as you xx


Montefiore in Brighton


I would take a record of the symptoms you've been suffering from and the types of pain you've had. That way you don't forget anything at the post op assessment. Explain how bad the pain has been and ask what level of pain would be normal after the op and how long it should be lasting.

Hope you feel better soon. Xxx

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Ask if they ablated or excised the endo.

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