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Post lap recovery

Hi All,

I had my first laparoscopy and diathermy on Monday. I was in a lot of pain on Tuesday, mainly caused by the remaining gas in my body. I think much of it has gone, but it is now Sunday and I am still suffering from a pain in my left side, just under my ribcage, as well as headaches. How long have people continued to suffer from the pain caused by the gas following the surgery?

I've been off work all week, but still seem to be finding it very tiring to do even simplest of tasks such as doing the washing or making dinner. Is this normal?

Thank you,


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hi, I had my lap last Friday and I've been signed off for another week. Yesterday was my first good day and i think I over did it going for a walk so spent the evening grumpy, sore and uncomfortable. Going to have a much slower day today!

As for gas pain mine disappeared last Tuesday but then came back again on Friday.

Just take it easy and be good to yourself, take lots of rests and try not to do too much housework. Better another week of rest than overdoing it and needing longer x


Thank you for this - I was wondering whether there was something wrong, as it seem to be taking a while to recover, as the consultant seemed to suggest it should take about a week. The gas pain appears to have subsided considerably since this morning, thank goodness, now it's mainly just the tiredness and the headache.

I'm never very good at just relaxing and taking time off work when I'm ill, let alone to get over a surgical procedure!


Hi Rhiannon

Unfortunately this 'normal' it's best to rest for a further week and allow your body time to recover than make things worse by trying to do too much.

Take things one day at a time it's your body you know when you can and can't do things.

Take care rest up and I hope your feeling better soon.

Joely x


So, i went back to work last Wednesday and other than feeling a bit more tired than usual I was generally ok. However, I did ache a lot around my stomach and just under my rib cage and then on the Friday had a very upset stomach, which thankfully has passed now.

However, Tuesday afternoon onwards of this week I've been in quite a lot of pain just under my left rib cage. I can't work out why - it feels similar to the gas pain I was experiencing after my lap but surely after almost 3 weeks that should have all passed? It may sound silly, but I wonder if it could have been caused by wearing a tight fitting skirt to work, as my body is still healing, but I'm just concerned that there may be something more to it. Has anyone else experienced this at all, feeling that they're on the mend and then this happens?


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