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Post lap advice needed please!

Hi guys,

A few things.

I'd already put on another post that I'd had my lap on Wednesday and no endo was found. But a few questions about what's normal recovery before ringing the GP:

1) how long did it take for you belly button to stop bleeding? I put new dressings on last night and there's still fresh blood.. Not a huge amount. Is this normal?

2) What is normal regarding vaginal bleeding? Apart from looking around they haven't done anything. I had a bit of spotting which ceased yesterday. When I woke up I had flooded. Not due a period yet? Is this normal?

3) coughed up this morning a large dark solid blood piece? Is this just due to oxygen pipe in throat? I think it was only from back of the throat.

Any advice on whether this is all normal because I don't have a clue!

Thanks a lot


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i would call your GP, or even the ward (they should have given you the number, it could be on a leaflet). Unfortunately we cannot give out any medical advice on this page. I hope you feel better son hun :)

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That seemes excessive. I had a lap, D & C, and a tube removed and didn't have any of those things happen. My doc closed with surgical glue. My throat was sore for one week, but not blood. I would go in and get checked out right away.

Good luck with healing.




I had my lap at the end of January (they treated my endo as well), and my belly button has only (FINALLY) just healed. It was bleeding and leaking a pink fluid (🤢) up until last week. Out of Hours told me unless it's yellow liquid, or its red and inflamed, it's not infected. Don't be afraid to ring your GP though, it's your body, and better to be safe!

I also bled for about 3 weeks after, which may have mainly been because of the treatment, but it's normal to leak afterwards. Again, don't be scared to ask, even if it's nothing, at least then you'll know!

I hope you sort everything soon😊


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