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Possible endometriosis

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Hi, so I've been booked in to have a preop on the 3rd if June, As they think I might have endometriosis.

I've been suffering nearly 9months. I was on the depo injection for 4 years and me and my partner was talking about starting a family I was going to have my last injection which should of been in September of 2017.

when I went to my appointment i found out the surgery didn't order my injection.

So I end up coming of the injection and was told to wait on till my periods returns. Periods took a couple of months to return. I was then rushed in to hospital with lower abdominal pain.

To be told it was because I was late for my period, which I didn't really panic too much about it. I'm now been nearly 8months since my first ever admission to hospital.

I'm a 21 years of age and really don't know what to expect or what I should be asking when I go for my preop.

What questions should I ask?

But mainly how long after a preop assament do you normally receive your surgery?

Thank you in advance x

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Hey, they normally tell you in pre op like what happens during surgery, what to do before and after etc.

The main questions I asked were when I could go back to the gym and play golf. Would the surgery check everywhere? (He didn’t 🤦🏻‍♀️).

I was petrified of the breathing tube down my throat and if it would be there when I woke up but the nurse and guy putting me to sleep made me feel at ease at that and I just woke up with a sore throat and uvula.

My surgery was about 1-2 months after pre op as it got cancelled the first time but some people can receive it a week or two later. You’ll normally get a letter before you leave pre op with info and the date of surgery xxxx

On the day of your preop didn't you get to meet the surgeon who carried out your procedure? How long after surgery called you get back to every day life?

Sorry if I'm bombarding you with questions. Everyone of spoke to in my family have never heard of endo so I'm struggling to prepare my self for what's to come :/ xxxxx

Don’t worry, we are all here to help each other. I didn’t meet my surgeon until the day of the procedure but he is also my gynae now.

Recovery depends on the person and lifestyle etc. I’m a 20 year old who goes gym everyday and plays golf so I recovered in about 1 week and was able to do light exercise and light golf practice 2 weeks after surgery. It also depends on what they do during surgery.

It takes about 3 months to recover internally so don’t over do anything as it can delay recovery. If you have any questions or want any advice, you can always message me xxx

Thank you. I'm a fully time care to my grandfather so I don't get out much but when I do it's to do the shopping or hospital appointments. I've started to go jogging but the pain gets so intense I now struggle with everyday life.


Jogging can set my pain off so I just stick to walking or cycling on the stationary bike along with weight training xx


My preop was useless to be honest- it was just a nurse who covers preop appointments for pretty much the whole hospital who has 0 info- my laps today and I have no clue how long the procedure is, when I can go back to work, etc.

On the plus side within 2 weeks of my preop I’ve got my surgery (preop was 16th May).

Good luck!

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Purple101214 in reply to hb2594

Good luck today.

This is the one thing I'm dreading the most I have loads of questions about everything just hope I can get them answered xx

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hb2594 in reply to Purple101214

Fingers crossed yours goes much smoother! It’s worth chasing the department if you haven’t heard anything - they can advise if there’s been any cancellations to speed things up too x

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