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Having a D & C and Both Tubes Removed

This is my first post. I'm scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, March 15, next week. The tubes are being done by a lap. I'm pretty nervous as I have scar tissue so there could be some complications where my surgeon may need to open me up more. I'm scheduled for two weeks off--the amount my school district allows without a formal application for leave and doctors note. I'm waiting to do that once I see how I'm doing. How likely is it that I will need more time? I'm pretty active and ski every weekend. I know I will miss two weekends, but is it likely I will need more time to recover?



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Hi Susan, I had Endo excision and a Fallopian tube removed a month ago. Like you I'm pretty active; I walk my dog several times a day. I was determined that the operation wasn't going to cause too much upheaval in my life and I made sure I organised myself in advance (for example preparing meals, ensuring household chores were done etc). My surgery went smoothly and recovery was textbook. However, even now I can only manage about half of what I did previous to surgery; if I do too much then my pelvic area aches and I get extremely fatigued. Everyday tasks are tiring and I have to pace myself. Granted, everyday I'm getting stronger but I can't manage to go jogging as it jolts my pelvis. I wince at the thought of skiing! If I were you I'd take a month or so to fully recover- I hate the thought of you injuring yourself internally! Xxxx

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Thanks for your post, Tammy. It's helpful. I'm scrambling to get my sub plans for two weeks written, I'm an elementary teacher. I will shop for food and prepare what I can. I have someone looking after me for the first day, and several neighbors who will also help. I just need to ask them. Have you been off work this whole time?


Sounds as though you're pretty organised 😀. I've been off work for a few months battling Endo symptoms; I'm a registered nurse in the UK and found I couldn't cope with the physical aspect of the job (I would be in terrible pain and felt that I was the one that needed nursing!). My plan is to enjoy the summer months at home and then return back in Autumn. I don't have to work so I'm lucky that I don't have to rush back..If I had a less demanding job (for example office work) then I would be able to resume that at this stage in my recovery. I'm sure you've heard 'everyone is different' in relation to your recovery, however in general I would say after two weeks the surgical pain would've abated enough to resume most of your pre-surgery activities- you'll just get tired easier and tasks will take longer. Perhaps let your employers know that potentially you'll need longer off- I'd make contingency plans for a 3rd week into recovery. It'll give peace of mind and allow for any complications. I wish you the best of luck xxxx


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